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Cellink B Dashcam Battery pack lets you record whilst parked

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A demonstration of the Cellink B a 12V battery pack that will keep your dash-cam running when your engine isn’t. Click Show More to view UK & AUS …


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37 Comments on "Cellink B Dashcam Battery pack lets you record whilst parked"

  1. My car uses a 300 volt battery :(

  2. Love your smart roadster ;)

  3. anocri says:

    Why don't the manufacturer put a hole to the front of of this Cellink B and install a built-in dash camera so I don't have to deal with buying two things and paying two prices? There's a chance a built-in camera will increase the life of the dash cam, the duration/lasting of each battery charge, and the life of the battery itself.

    I give a rat's ass to the size as long as it does the job.

  4. black6q says:

    Anyone know how safe the battery is in these? It was noted that Samsung made the batteries. I'm thinking of getting one, but I live in California and it gets extremely hot during the summer especially in my black vehicle.

  5. Blank Reg says:

    @6:50 mark – yes, original fuse in the bottom socket, new fuse in the top.

  6. To answer your question on 1:38… I use a dashcam directly wired to my fusebox and it can happen really easily.

    Some dashcams sold in my country (South Korea, we have quite a selection of high-end dashcams I don't know why) have auto shutdown feature so it won't run down the car battery. Those dashcams will monitor voltage of the input power and shut itself down when the car battery voltage goes below set limit.

    Anyways, I use a dashcam with auto shutdown feature and I usually find my dashcam off when I start my car in the morning. (I usually don't drive long distances. Usually only 10-20 min drive to and from my work. (I find that it stays for about 1 and a half day or longer after a longer trip.)

    So I would say that if you drive under 1 hour everyday, your dashcam can rundown your battter overnight quite easily.

  7. chongks ks says:

    i just purchased the celink battery b pack i heard1 then 2 beeps and it continues how to fix it

  8. "Battery comes from Samsung" better hide your kids

  9. sam croft says:

    A battery from Samsung lets hope it doesn't explode.

  10. dave20thmay says:

    After watching your video's, I bought the Thinkware770 dual dash cam and also the Cellink B. Sent away for the hardwire kit. All this to use in a BMW i3. Found two suitable fuses and wired it all up. Works fine on normal driving, but in Park/ Motion detect mode, even though there is power to the jack plug on the camera, it does not capture video. I've been through the app on the phone and tried to locate any clues, to be able to switch on Parking mode. But in the month that its been fitted not a single file saved. I have even saved all the files on the micro Sd card, to a new card(fast) and downloaded the latest software for the 770, put this in the camera and got the quote of Software updating. Now I'm still wondering in this day of online buying, what are my options, it was purchased from the RAC site.
    Just one thing, I don't think the quality of the video is as good as the 0803.

  11. Rob Webster says:

    I will get one when it drops to 1/3 of the price :)

  12. Spectre says:

    why not just use a cell phone charger battery pack? much cheaper at around 20-30 US

  13. Raihen Khan says:

    hi would be posible for you to review this Dash cam LUKAS All-in-one LK-530-12V Smart Power Supply Battery Pack(2,600mAh) 321423814738

  14. row0111 says:

    So many people install this unit onto the wrong circuit. The unit draws 7AMPS you can't just use any old accessories circuit.

  15. I like how your preemptively answer and cover the "wouldacouldashoulda" questions that might arise.

  16. 6:49 You made me smile there when you said "your crimping skills", which reminded me of The Mighty Boosh :D

  17. Bob Riley says:

    When you park up unplug the camera USB power lead from the USB plug adaptor in your 12v power plug ( the one that used to be for ciggy lighters ) and just plug the camera lead into a USB Battery pack ie the sort used to recharge mobile phones/tablets. If you get a decent size one it should run the camera for a good few hours !. You can recharge the battery pack by just plugging that into a spare USB power socket . I got a 12,000MAH one for £20 from amazon. It mightn't last as long but it's better than £100plus.

  18. gridsleep says:

    The "accessory" socket used to be called the cigarette lighter socket. I do not remember that socket being disconnected when the engine is off. As for wearing down the car battery, the typical car has a honking big 20 amp 12 volt battery that can power a tiny device like a dash cam for weeks and weeks before even showing a blip in voltage. This device in the video is for suckers.

  19. throthelens says:

    I use a solar cell array that I drop on the dashboard to keep the car battery topped up…Think it came from Maplin

  20. Louder says:

    I use a mobile phone external battery charger that offers pass through charging. It's plugged into a twin socket USB car adapter and the other end is into the camera..It works just the same except I still have a free USB port to charge my phone and if I am leaving the car parked up safely and need a power pack I can just unplug it and take it with me…this seems like a bit of an expensive method.

  21. Bit expensive but useful video, thank you.

  22. RETUSAF1995 says:

    72 hrs or 67 days in parking mode? I'am lucky if i get 12 hrs in parking mode and that's with one camera going.

  23. My neighbor could have used this gadget about the time this video was posted. On a Saturday evening, around half-past 10., I heard a loud "boom!" and ran outside to see a white car backing away from my neighbor's truck, having presumably been smashed at the wheel and having smashed into the rear of said truck. I ran in that direction, but due to distance and darkness, and the perpetrator taking off at a high rate of speed, was unable to read the registration plate on the car. A continuously-running camera, powered by an auxiliary battery, might have collected the evidence needed to locate the hit-and-run car.

  24. Fantastic review Techmoan. I found it very useful and informative.

  25. I personally use a power magic pro, a lot cheaper and it will supply the dash camera with a permanent supply. Then when the battery level get to the predetermined it will cut the camera to stop your battery going flat.

  26. are k says:

    Would like to see teardown photos… like what charging circuit looks like

  27. Rob Aldred says:

    Wow what a load of overpriced rubbish this is. You can buy a usb battery with 50kmAh for £15-20 from Amazon add a usb car charger for it & USB A to Mini/micro B to power your camera and you've got basically the same thing for ~£30

  28. nTOOBEa says:

    You got the HP-01?

  29. Superdad0410 says:

    Please review U watches .. Cheep iPhone/ android watches!

  30. Yeah, they won't sell many of these. Not necessarily because it's a niche product, but because the price is completely unrealistic.

  31. …ok…veramente ok…great…very wonderfull….era quello che mi mancava……l'idea giusta…..grazie TECHMOAN….thank very much….sei arrivato al momento giusto…you just arrived important moment…

  32. Thank you for all your videos, I've been bingin' on them in the last few weeks. I'm not so much into cameras/videocameras/dashcams but i think videos on old tech are really interesting. Most important, your accent is totally fine to me and I can understand about 95% of what you say (I'm italian).A small suggestion: a video about minidisc. For unknown reasons I've been growing very fond of this format in the past few months and I've put together a small collection of portable players (mostly from Sony), so I'd like to know what you think about this dead format.Greetings from Italy!

  33. John Ralph says:

    This should be standard option in all modern vehicles. Amazes me the auto industry is so slow to adopt dash cam.

  34. New subscriber. I love your vloggs and the advice you provide. Thank you.

  35. Rami Bahnas says:

    Great and informative video as usual. Thanks Techmoan.
    Do you think it's worth going this way or simply installing a second battery kit in the car and to hookup the dashcam to it?

  36. Bazuzeus says:

    Nice… but too expensive :/

  37. Hajdamowicz says:

    but what for? how long should be a camera on to drain battery? my Old ford has 2 fuse settings for power socket. I can leave my car, turn it off and the power will be delivered to the camera via standard 12v socket. I havent noticed problems with starting up a diesel Even After whole night when dashcam was recording. The second fuse position disables power in the socket After key is removed.

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