CBC GCC-D10A 10 Amp Dual Charge Controller

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Ganz Eco-Energy Dual Charge Battery Charge Controller GCC-D10ANote: Should not be exposed to water and shouldbe installed in an enclosed area.Charges two independent battery banks using only one {solar lights} array. This unit is fully automatic and switches between batteries de-pending on their state of charge. For Boats RV’s and other systems with two batteries.Features:Optimized for use with Ganz Semi-Flexible {solar lights} PanelsISO 9001 CertifiedCharges 2 separate batteries from a single {solar lights} array.Automatically switches between batteriesSuitable for 12VDC or 24VDC SystemsCompatible with Lead-Acid AGM or Gel batteriesOvercharging Reverse Polarity & Short Circuit Protec-tionBattery Priority selection functionOperating Range of – V30F to 102FOptional Digital Remote Meter Model GCC-RM2 year warrantyFull Installation Instructions included Product : GANZ ECO-ENERGY GCC-D10A 10A 12/24V DUAL CHARGE CONTROLLER Manufacturer : GANZ ECO-ENERGY Manufacturer Part No : GCC-D10A UPC : 781904658152Optimized for use with Ganz Semi-Flexible {solar lights}
ISO 9001 Certified
Charges 2 separate batteries from a single {solar lights} array.
Suitable for 12VDC or 24VDC Systems

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