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Camping with the Mobile Solar Array

{solar lights} demonstrates how easy it is to take their Mobile {solar lights} Array to the camp site.Providing the electricity for all the RV’s appliances including air conditioner.


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3 Comments on "Camping with the Mobile Solar Array"

  1. Sethjxl says:

    This looks fantastic, however i think a motor home owner is perhaps the wrong market to target. The cost of this unit plus the fuel needed to pull it far outweighs the cost of purchasing and running a small silent generator and perhaps a few batteries. i can see remote construction project making great use of a device such as this.
    Never the less, this piece of kit looks superbly engineered. Kudos done to the designers.

  2. bpd894 says:

    I like it. What is this units production capacity and storage capacity?

  3. BreeUSA says:

    okay, (mouth and eyes still wide opened) this is got to be the coolest solar tracker transport ever….ever! you guys rock!

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