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California solar power plants ignite birds mid-flight

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A Bay Area company is being urged to make changes to its state-of-the-art solar plant since thousands of birds have been burned to death by its panels. Ben Tracy reports.


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25 Comments on "California solar power plants ignite birds mid-flight"

  1. Also water requirement in solar towers is more than coal,natural gas and nuclear.

  2. hurjaheikki says:

    The solution would be to make only small household powerplants for each house, not these big ones. The hot spot in these big ones are not that big even though the plant seems gigantic. I doubt there isn't a way to drive away those birds, at least some of them.

  3. Nassil says:

    fuck the birds as long as i can tweet on my iphone xD

  4. Ivanpah becomes self-aware at 9:30 a.m. PDT, May 19th and being a computer, realizes how insane its existence is. Suicide is the logical response. Some of the mirrors try to take out the Master Control Program. In a panic, firemen try to pull the plug.

  5. cypresspuz says:

    Im sure that a lot of fat ignorant americans are believing this bullshit…this is just part of the right wing solar power sabotage. Dumbass

  6. DarkHaze says:

    no more environmental impact statements! TRUMP 2016.

  7. Jemalacane0 says:

    Nuclear, natural gas, and hydropower for the win.

  8. TheBull06 says:

    OMFG WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT BIRDS! JEESUS! The potential benefits of this technology far outweigh some casualties. Come on give me a fucking break.

  9. Don't tell me how many homes. Are we talking about a Donald trump Mansion or some trailer park home,etc… Telling me how many freaking megawatts or whatever!!!!!!!

  10. Damn, these Hippies have a problem with everything!!!!!!!

  11. lmfao! Mmm, hot wings

  12. birdieberry says:

    The Green Nazi's "green energy/save the earth" is the greatest hypocrisy that is backfiring with a vengence.

  13. Dennis says:

    Geothermal energy is the best way you take heat from within the earth and convert it to energy. These solar panels just add more heat to the planet. Stupid greedy people are the dangerous one's on this planet.

  14. Dennis says:

    Don't worry about it the nuclear power is going to kill everything.

  15. Cars kill hundreds of animals every day around the world! So, let's stop cars 0_o

    news channels are so stupid 0_0 look at the bigger picture!!

  16. SMSV621 says:

    At 1:23 you can see Fix-It Felix!

  17. oil and coal company fund the gov to sue


  19. MokaPot says:

    Save Diablo Canyon and build fewer rare bird burners then. Total no brainer.

  20. Greg Collins says:

    The Harvard Medical school study on the deleterious effects of burning coal says that the medical costs are around $300 to $500 Billion a year. How come we don't hear that side of the story.

  21. Baby Bop says:

    One thousand birds is peanuts compared to environmental destruction caused by global warming.

  22. People will find ANY excuse to rag on renewable energy. It astonishes me.

  23. Silicondoc says:

    the big ol triple tower Ivanpah plant in the news story PRODUCES ONLY ONE FOURTH WHAT IT CLAIMED IT WOULD AND USED BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER DOLLARS.
    As usual, the libturd liars lie big.

  24. One more reason to build nuclear power plants… just not in my back yard.

  25. Cello Face says:

    How many fish die due to dams?

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