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Buying Flexible Solar Panels From China

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It was time to get my Solar Panels. While rigid panels are generally a safer bet, I choose flexible panels to remain stealthy. I decided to order directly from China, …


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29 Comments on "Buying Flexible Solar Panels From China"

  1. why wont you just tell us the price?? can't find it on the site

  2. Clint Young says:

    I bought from China as well, but, was nit informed if the import tax, that left me not wanting the extra cost from importing solar panels. It cut into my budget to place solat panels on my mom's home. Since, I know now, I can plan better for the next round of purchases though. Still don't know if I will go from out of country, but, when I do decide I am better prepared.
    Thanks for this video, as it has given me an idea for another project. lol

  3. barry8082 says:

    good video. i am sure it was much more economical buying direct from China than using s US source.

  4. Thank you. Just what I needed to know.

  5. what was the cost of the solar stuff you got? as looking for some for my conversion.

  6. Awesome video I sub'd I just got my first flexible solar panels and I too am dealing with a company through China called SolarParts. if you would like check out my video I just posted it today. I shared your video gave you a big thumbs up and look forward to checking out your other videos. Thank you for posting!

  7. jay daniel says:

    I heard that if the panels are in direct contact with the roof the transfer of heat is extreme, and could be a problem with heat in the van, have you found this so, and if you have, can a insulator be used for this to erase the problem.

  8. Why he doesn't tell us how much it costs. This man is the oldest youtuber but his way of presenting his videos need to be upgraded

  9. John davis says:

    it seems like rain and hail would eventually ruin the panels maybe

  10. Nice video . What kind of batteries did you buy for solar panel system? Thank you sir.

  11. Karin Hart says:

    How big is each of your 135W panels? From unboxing it looks like 6 feet long (or maybe 2 meters if that company is measuring in metric), but how wide are yours? Also, is there any issue with putting panels directly on the roof of van? In other videos van dwellers talk about needing air circulation to keep the panels cool, is this NOT an issue with flex panels?

  12. Jay McCain says:

    But are they actually any good? Can thy withstand even moderate hail!

  13. Sir thank you very much for your very though reply! I am retired military, and I got at few of US type, when they got rid of them for new ones, don't ask, while in the box, I am setting up an offgird place in northern MINNESOTA, I like to have portable systems, and winter is in play, I make sure that all my gear are very efficient, your 125w seems to be a +25w a difference a +! I have learned a lot, would be interested in you thoughts on Goal Zero? My plans now, is to go with 2/4 high end AGM or Lithium Marine apps, in Pelican cases w/wheels, less matienace, with a GZ type,& small Ivtr gen, all must work there or on the move/road, oh too very nice 🐕 again thank you, I will continue to watch, I am interested in what you will think of the V-6?

  14. Just a couple things, I figure you did good homework, but? How many watts, efficiency? Batteries, inverter capacity, costs for shipping, overall vs going directly vs Amazon or say West Marine? I like that you showed on the van for spacial relationship

  15. Alan Sumner says:

    That is a nice Solar kit God bless you

  16. sunbin64 says:

    How about a follow up showing installation and how well (or not) the panels are working?

  17. I love your van my favorite 😆 WOOOO JUST BEAUTIFUL 😆 I wish you could come to my place in GUAM and build me one thank you 😆

  18. where did you order it I will love to order me also pls.😨 thank you 😆

  19. I avoid Fed Ex they are the worst

  20. Ty Brady says:

    Two big advantages here: Stealthiness factor. And the fact that they are against the roof, which means better gas mileage than panels raised above the roof.

  21. How much. How 2 buy. Important questions I missed.

  22. Flexible panels need to be installed with an air gap. No air gap = no heat dissipation and lower life..

  23. yougeo says:

    I gave you a like but almost didnt because you didnt discuss price.
    Priceis important. Please provode pricing and shipping price and import rax price of you had to pay it.
    Also wattage.

  24. Jen Stewart says:

    Great video! Thank you!! May do these on my van, but not sure what to use for adhesion. Liked the music. Hope to see more videos from you in the future 😊

  25. g dawg says:

    Yeah no thanks, when I'm ready to buy my panels I'll get them from Amazon. These panels are 50% more expensive and they have an awesome return policy.

  26. JONJONWORD says:

    Nice video sir, GO GREEN!

  27. April Mae says:

    I bought two water distillers from China, the 1st burnt up and the 2nd came broken, and I didn't get all my money back. Big lesson here; DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM CHINA.

  28. archiscale says:

    need to put rubber under the panels buddy .  otherwise the metal will heat the panels and you will lose efficiency,  my tip to you for most efficiency out of solar is to keep them flat not curved. roof racks is an idea . but if it works for you great!!!  here is a guy i follow what he did to his van

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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