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Busy Day In The New Off Grid Work Shop

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I am making a series of videos about how to go off the grid. I am taking my new work shop off the grid and recording every detail as I go.

I had a very nice and busy day in the work shop. I made a few videos as I installed my off grid solar power system in the new shed. I worked through and got both AC and DC power in my off grid work shop.

I also got the Quanta Q3 generator up and running on the new homemade work bench. This is running off a small 12 volt battery and the outputs are connected to my large off grid solar power battery bank. I am going to experiment and see how much power I can pull out of this thing.

I am also experimenting with super capacitors for starting vehicles. And I am testing some new products in my work shop.

During the weekend some friends were over and helped us work on the two homes on our property. We sealed off any leaky windows. We also washed all the glass in both homes. And I put in storm windows on half the windows in the trailer to help reduce the heating costs. Although it is spring we are still getting down to freezing temperatures at night. We actually had wind blowing through the trailer at times due to leaky windows.

We also made a compost bin using free pallets which I got in town. This was a simple project using 5 pallets. Now we have a double side by side compost bin which is already in use.

There was a lot of activity at the new homestead on the weekend and we got a lot done.

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30 Comments on "Busy Day In The New Off Grid Work Shop"

  1. Barn Dweller says:

    Troy, Take a look at these mounts, I am sure you could make them. They use Satellite dish mounts which you can usually find people throwing away. I use these and it allows easy adjusting of the angles and it looks nice and clean and secure.

    You never talk about income, how goes a job search? I saw on another channel that YouTube was cutting the amount of money people got from their video's. I live in Michigan and use propane. You are going to want to start saving money so in the middle of the summer most propane companies have a buy in program where you can buy your propane at the summer low price and that way you are protected from spikes in the price in the winter. You have to pay for it ahead, so you own the propane.

  2. AH you didnt reply, but youve answered my ?, and it is a trailer, what we call a static caravan, i thought it was

  3. Couple of comments:
    1: Pallets! YES!!! 😊 Good to hear you have a good supply.
    2: Are you going to put a genset socket, L14-30R maybe, on the outside of the woodshop that feeds the woodshop's electrical? That way you could plug in the solar/battery shed for lower power tools but plug in the genset when you need big juice for the larger, power hungry tools.
    3: Fishing licenses yet for You and the Mrs.? Bambi can wait, there's some serious fishin' to be done!☺

  4. I could see the government going in and confiscating that Q3 generator.

  5. M Baldridge says:

    Troy I emailed you a little info on something that I believe will be helpful to you

  6. Have you considered a cellar or pantry underground near the home? It would save a ton of space and money. Could make for a good storm shelter too.

  7. nice bud in time you will have everything looking good and up and running

  8. MrBugsier5 says:

    fire hazard, wayting to happen, no fuses at all…. man man man………… 🙁

  9. Any chance of putting in a wood stove over the summer to cut down on propane cost for this upcoming fall and winter?

  10. Troy, I thought one of the reasons you moved to Michigan was to have a house on grid. That way nobody could accuse you of not having power for Melanie and the baby.

  11. Jim Krueger says:

    I keep getting all these reply's that are critical of Troy and what he has and tries to accomplish . Maybe those that reply in this manner would be kind enough to post their YouTube channel so we can judge them. Thank you in advance

  12. Troy did you ever tell your audience what the clear pexiglass thing on your shop table is..I thought I heard you refer to it as a generator..?

  13. did you get a good deal on your property? I'm looking for a simular place to move to. If you could message me

  14. Gosh the comments are quite entertaining today, what's up

  15. Troy your comments, and I must say you are tad "snippy" with everyone that watches your channel….. Is this how you treat a revenue stream….. BAD BUSINESS

  16. bendigr says:

    did you ever finish the maple syrup?

  17. Rod Price says:

    how's Melanie doing, be nice to hear everything's going well with her and updates on pregnancy

  18. Marc Grecco says:

    Good to see you settling in and making friends.

  19. Bob Ross says:

    Who's paying for the baby's birth?

  20. Dawn Britt says:

    Thank you God for the people that make caring and kind comments on Troy and Melanie's channel. To the others that have nothing nice to say, why don't you go put your face in front of a camera every day and work hard. Then come back into the house and read all the nasty remarks people say to you, about you, etc. What goes around, comes around! Your day is coming, God is watching you.
    God bless you Troy and Melanie, never give up!

  21. Just to let you know,
    There ar no Codes for a "Portable Solar Set Up" well not here in washington.
    I know, I was contacted by some on in olympia due to a troll calling Olympia Washington.

    They Guy asked me what it was I ws doing and the moment I said the words "Harbor Freight", he laughed and said not even worth wasting my gass.

    I told him it was only 6 panels an some hf batteries and a 5kw inverter.

    He further said, that sense it is not attached to the building, there is no code violation.
    And by deffintion of attached means made a permenant. Via intergrating it in to the wiring system.

    There are ways aorund codes.

  22. Well. Yesterday we got a taste of what it would be like with out the PUD, and it was sorta nice to run somethings off grid.
    Found out that the hot water tank turns on and off 8x a day.and it consumes 458 watts for 5 minutes.

  23. I see what you did, you used a grove and ran the wire up a grove..
    Basically, all you have to do is add something to protect the wire from being pinched in case of shifting..easy to do.

    and easy to seal up.

    this place has a dryer vent at which I could run solar wires through..just found it lol.

  24. My52PickUp says:

    What is the plexiglass generator? What's it do?

  25. BrenLL2 says:

    Glad you are settling in. Give Melanie a hug. Many Blessings!!!

  26. Suggestion for before you seal and insulate: Since there are those "temporary air gaps", considering inserting a few short lengths of flexible tubing into a few of those openings, and plug them up with small dowels or something like that.

    That way, after you've got everything sealed and it's all cozy and warm (or cool and comfortable…you know Michigan weather d;o) all you need to do to run some "emergency wiring" is pull a few dowel pieces and feed the cable through what will now be "electrical conduit." d;o)

    If you're planning on insulating the ceiling, you might also want to run a couple conduits up there as well, in case you decide to put up extra lights, or even a couple outlets, or DC lighting, or….well…you get the idea. It's a lot easier to run cables when there's already a space made for them. If you don't use it? Then you don't use it. But you planned for it anyway, and that's the important thing. d=O)

  27. Pietro says:

    It's very dangerous not to put DC fuses and disconnectors, ok do tests and experiments for those who are practical and experienced, but many subscribers and not the channel do not know and are "badly taught" I use large DC fuse holders that do both functions to protect And to disconnect, DC fuses to protect both the inverter and the various charging regulators, and especially the battery bank outlet, ok the voltage is low but the current is high in case of failure of anything that is at risk of Fire, the used bus bar so little serves to see multiple connections on the same point, DC Inverters are used only for low amperages even though they make it 200A and + I find them expensive and useless because they get damaged and even explode in Case of short-dry, much cheaper and more secure DC fuses with disconnectors, so much so that one does not change them everyday.
    Very nice the place you are now, thanks for the updates

  28. I bought a new laptop recently that will run on and recharge on 12 voilt power. I call it my off grid laptop and will be doing a video soon on it. This may be of interest to you in what you are doing there. I'll show how it can also recharge on a car charger.

  29. Unpluglvfree says:

    Hey listen trolls, I am not interested in what you have to say, and by the way he is a very devoted Christian he just chooses not to talk about it on his job and where in the bible does it say he has to share his religious views with the world.

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