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[BuildLog] Solar panel encapsulation for rc plane

How to make a {solar lights} panel for your {solar lights} powered plane project with laminating sheets and oralight. This is the most tricky part of this project: how to make it …


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28 Comments on "[BuildLog] Solar panel encapsulation for rc plane"

  1. Awesome method! I would like to know about don't using the laminator machine… May I just cover with the monokote?

  2. You could omit some of the steps if you prepare the materials correctly. 1) Have the laminating sheets separated and pre-cut (including the solder points), 2) have the Oralight film heated with the rest of the parts (this may even be better than manually ironing it on, and removes the need for liner.) Nice project though.

  3. Hello guys. Did you try laminating front side with laminator as well? … or putting oralight through laminator, in order to avoid air bubbles?

    We have tried 2 side lamination, not oralight, but 0.25 lamination sheets. we also had <5% loss…
    It was good at first sight, but by time it was like squeezing the cells and even causing some minor cracks :-/

  4. I wonder, what're the best. Individuation for one of these in a cargo RC plane?
    Also greetings from Anguilla.

  5. Superbe travail et merci d'avoir partagé !
    Je serais curieux de savoir quels éléments 18650 vous avez pris (marque, référence) !

  6. DERPY RAGE says:

    how much is the solar panels output per minute and the planes input per minute?

  7. Daniel Prado says:

    What about don't use anything to encapsulate the cell?

  8. mistalion1 says:

    Not to get any bubbles, you should stick it with water. I always use water.

  9. I'm the 614 sub…. Sweet 🙂

  10. aviagorizont says:

    Добрый день! подскажите пожалуйста электросхему подключения солнечной батареи к самолетной электросхеме и с какой электроникой это связь проводится !

  11. new india says:

    this for sell inr price

  12. How much light energy is lost through the Oralight (sp)? I'm glad you didn't use the laminating surface very nice work. My Dad and his brother "trapped" many animals in the 30's in Skull Valley, running trap lines the full length of the valley.

  13. bcmasur says:

    or you can get the cells as thin film and skip everything else. No glass, no break, all one piece to begin with. It also comes in huge rolls, so you could cover the wings of a passenger plane too.

  14. ممكن مساعده اخي العزيز ما هذا الماده التي على شكل مربعات

  15. Ravi K says:

    which circuit did u use to charge batteries?

  16. Daniel Prado says:

    Did you try baked the oralight instead to use the heat sealing Iron? Maybe it produces less bubbles.

  17. DerNick05 says:

    Amazing project and its really nice, that your content is in English!
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  18. Jaspar sk says:

    Great video!!!
    Quick question: are you able to reuse the oven liner after it goes through the laminator?

  19. Deki Azali says:

    can't wait to see the wiring cable of your rc solar panel, 🙂

  20. HFGFGBDBDB says:

    Hello, very nice project.
    What kind of controller and engine do you use?
    Is there a batrie that recharges for the engine?

  21. Why didn't you use the laminator to also cover the top part? Have you tested it?

  22. The solar cells of the link are the ones used in your project? arent those maxeon C60?
    Love your vids, keep rocking!

  23. How much power do you get out of the 6 sells and for how long ? (i know you are using more than 6) And is that only in full sun, also what engine size etc can you power and for how long, great idea by the way guys av been following the videos keep up the great work

  24. Feel free to ask questions or give us some advice and ideas

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