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Budget DIY Solar Power Generator Roller Suitcase: Full Tutorial, build it for cheap!

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Blueprints and parts list: http://www.mobile-solarpower.com/suitcase-solar-generator.html The Book “Mobile Solar Power – Made Easy!


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26 Comments on "Budget DIY Solar Power Generator Roller Suitcase: Full Tutorial, build it for cheap!"

  1. Super informative WIll I really enjoyed you should do vlogs like this than the false dwelling situation. LOL.

  2. Lee Loo says:

    Looks like a bomb!!! Don't take it to the airport!!! 😯

  3. Chris F says:

    Will I have a free housing opportunity for you! 2 bedroom apartment in Key West. I just need someone there to help with very easy routine easy stuff like dishes and transportation and doing basic stuff. You dont pay rent and its just month to month, so you wont have that 900 dollar bill. I know its a longshot but just wanted to let you know. contact me asap if interested and can get you the official info for live in aide/sec 8 =)

  4. zen poe says:

    Very bad idea to put solar generator in the suitcase it could catch fire at any moment

  5. waine dodd says:

    sun in a box, great walk through vid Prowser

  6. AngelGeeks says:

    LOL…Would love to see the look on Airport Security faces when watching this go through a a scan. Good Stuff…Thanks!

  7. Seriously willy boy….electrics in a suitcase Homeland Security are already drawing up the paperwork… lol. Better call Saul !

  8. Route66Linda says:

    Hey Smiley 🙂 Wow, u are a whiz with that electrical/solor stuff! It looks easy but for that wireing panel you set up, I think that would take me a while. Im trying to learn all I can about this so when it comes time for me to set mine up I can do it right. Thanks for the vid.

  9. Yeah, I just posted today my review of your book on Amazon! (though the way my account is set it just says from Amazon Customer, as my name. I'll adjust that in the future). 5 stars bud! I think this was a cool demo on how you to make a super-mini power system. I think following the ideas in your book and watching this video will help some people who only want a small system, or like you said, could even be used in emergency situations… could you sell your idea to FEMA? I'm thinking mine will be mid-sized, and hopefully with a lithium battery, if I have enough money when I start out. Also need to compare the book's ideas with your website ideas on the nearly pre-built "solar generators" for smaller needs… you are trying to replicate the guts of one of those in this suitcase, then?

  10. Courtney B says:

    While watching, I kept thinking to myself that I wish you would of made a video like this for the updated sound system in your van. I mean I watched it, but it wasn't as detailed as this. What wires to connect & so on.. how'd you connect that screen in the center? That would be cool because you are great at explaining this.

  11. Hey Wil, have u used a wifi extender in your mobile homes? If so which one and did u think it was worth the money?

  12. Phil O says:

    Will loves building things, that's cool, he aint no fool.

  13. flatodude says:

    Regarding your book: Have the recent edits been updated to the print version or only to the digital downloadable version?

  14. Still Way too over my head 😞

  15. Sean T says:

    And with that Will Prowse was officially added to the no-fly list

  16. Where do you get the Wiring Harness? It is not on your Parts list.

  17. MarkBTW says:

    Thanks for sharing this man, it amazes me how expensive the retail portable/modular solar systems are for what you get. Most people are capable of putting something like this together and will get FAR more bang for their buck.

  18. I am really thinking of making one. Where did you get the solar powered oven? Did you make it? Got a video? =-D

  19. Prowse Power Limited. =-p

  20. 277kne says:

    Very pretty like you

  21. Jack Kunkel says:

    Excellent video! But all those wires scare the hell out of me. (XT-60 connectors, octopus connectors, wiring harnesses; and then of course, the fuses). Also, in some video, it'd be helpful to explain exactly what all those numbers on the Watt Meter actually mean in the real world.

  22. You know you could build these wire harness for this and sell them? Bet people would pay for that where all they had to do was attach it to a battery then boom they have all the stuff ready to go. On the USB strip I would buy the kind that has a switch on it so you could leave your appliance plugged in and once charged you just flip the switch to turn it off. Also helps if you buy those usb LED lights you can slip the switch and the light will come on you can run the wire to a location and poof you got light from the central source.

    I see suitcases like that sell for $3 each at thrift stores they are not perfect they might have a blemish but who cares you are going to scuff it up using it anyway. Just make sure the wheels are good and roll.

  23. The return of the XT60 guy!! 😉

  24. Dont let you see around the airport with this 🙂
    Great content of yours, thanks for shareing you "life"
    All the best from germany

  25. I just ordered your Chronic Injury Survival Guide. I saw it just shipped. I know it will be helpful after how much I loved your first book! Thanks Will!

  26. This idea is really good & everything but… Why not just use your Goal Zero or get a $150 power generator unit? I don't remember what the specs were on it but I know it's lithium so that says a lot. **Ok, it's for people that basically have most of these supplies. I guess that makes sense.

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