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Britta Products Solar Ray Garden Path Lighting, Set of 3 Lamps

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Inspired by and elegantly designed to mirror the flowing shape of a Sea Ray, the {solar lights} Ray Garden Lamp is both a unique and highly functional {solar lights} garden fixture. Powered by a {solar lights} cell along the Ray’s upper surface, the lower portion of the Ray directs the light from 2 powerful LEDs onto the ground below. What results is a garden lamp with both highly effective illumination properties and a truly inspired design. Perfect for lighting pathways, walkways and other areas of the finest homes and gardens. Packaged as a set of 3 lamps per order. Looking for other interesting {solar lights} garden lighting products at our Amazon store.Elegantly shaped and designed {solar lights} garden lighting
Unique shape and highly effective design directs light onto your walk or pathway
A flowing shape inspired by Sea Rays that integrates a {solar lights}, rechargeable cells and 2 powerful white LEDs in each lamp for pathway illumination
Activated automatically at dusk; The housing also contains an on-off switch
Packaged as a set of three (3) {solar lights} Rays per box

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