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Boulder 15 Solar Panel by Goal Zero

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In this video I introduce my new {solar lights} {solar lights}. I will be using this panel with my Goal Zero Yeti-150 Battery Pack.

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7 Comments on "Boulder 15 Solar Panel by Goal Zero"

  1. videosbymike says:

    Hello Anthony, as you know I have been using goal zero products for awhile now and I love them. The company also gives back and donated over $500,000 to the victims of hurricane sandy and has also been helping in the Philippines.
    I will tell that I have used these on my windows facing south and they charge my batteries. When there is a full moon you will notice that you got some charge over night from the moon. Goal Zero sells a 30' extention cord for your panels too.
    Great item for your preps to have handy.

    Prepare for the worst and pray for the best,


  2. Bruce Wayne says:

    Looks great, thanks for the review.

  3. TheIrcbully says:

    Why not use that solar panel with a jump starter with a 400 watt inverter from walmart that would only cost 100 bucks you would have more power for less money

  4. Center Mass says:

    Goal Zero was donating free product in my area through Team Rubicon. I spoke to several folks who saw it, but I was not in the right place at the right time. I too like Goal Zero and have the Charge 7 Solar Panel, Car Spot Light, a Crank/solar hanging light and would like to get the Charge 8 for my phone next. Goal Zero is always coming out with new products and seems to be an innovative company.

  5. I just bought a yeti 150 and boulder 15 from costco.   it is my first foray into solar.  hope my choice was decent.

  6. wsrush1985 says:

    Did your Yeti come with adapter to accept Boulder panel?

  7. K B says:

    I wish you would have 'shown' how to hook up and charge generator from panel instead of reading from the instruction book, that's the whole idea of videos.

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