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BORG India unveils solar power generators

BORG India, a subsidiary of the US-based BORG, has launched solar power generators for the residential segment. Former Chief Election Commissioner Mr. T S Krishnamoorthy unveiled the first green power product ‘Astra Smart Grid Series’ at a function held here in chennai on 07-01-2013 (Monday).
According to the Press Release: Borg’s Astra series for homes will be available from mid-January and will be followed up with solar power solutions for commercial, particularly small industries, and agriculture segment later this year.
Four variants are available in the Astra Series — Basic, a 500-watt unit, Silver, the flagship product of 1,000 watts, Prime of 800 watts and Gold, a 2,500-watt unit. This is the first-of-its-kind in India under Grid fall Back System.


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  2. TEJA G says:

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  3. It may be a good product but the event management company made a mess of the product launch.

  4. S Arumugam says:

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  5. S Arumugam says:

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  6. I want more Detail and Dealer Corporate Contact details regarding Solar System by BORG

  7. Please contact me for BROG Solar Systems at Hyderabad and Secunderabad
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  8. this female needs to develop more on her presenting and speech delivery skills

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