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Battery Bank for Solar Panel

Drew (the M’Fing man) hooked me up with this awesome pallet jack battery bank. Its about 2 or 3 years old, only got used for 1, and its a 24V battery, and 510 …


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10 Comments on "Battery Bank for Solar Panel"

  1. Ivansgarage says:

    You are the collector of crap.

  2. Troy says:

    Im so jealous of that battery bank lol

  3. ShnitzlHaus says:

    Hi Tom, your problem with the battery bank is that it is pushing a charge into your generator. kind of like a role reversal…….. LOL how do you like the milwaukee impacts? I need to buy one not sure what to go with.

  4. Am I the only one who misses the trailduster and the step side dodge

  5. Looks like Ray Charles welded that with his feet… jk Tom. No such thing as the YouTube bureau of welding inspection and certification.

  6. casperskafs says:

    I wanna see more video's about your solar setup!! I'm just getting into solar and have watched a shit load of video's. My 150 watt renogy panel just showed up yesterday and I'm waiting on that exact controller just to play with til I can get a mppt controller

  7. 2jeffs1 says:

    What a great score on that battery. Saving some wear/use of the generator I assume. Had a multi meter that screwed me up too a while back. Turned out the selector switch was bad. Spun the dial around a bunch of times and has been working ok now. Never used that one much so possibly why. That wrecker sure is useful for so many things at your place. So many different things in 1 video! Like all the detailed explanations to the reason of madness for repairs. Really do appreciate the frequent uploads big time!

  8. energia solar , excelente muito boa ….!

  9. Ed James says:

    Are you gonna get the echo trimmer weed whacking some weeds down

  10. very cool, id do the same here if i didnt have two huge oak trees over the house, even do a solar water heater .
    new mower? looks cool👍

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