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Backyard tour (and some “other” stuff)

June 26, 2017 – Def been watering to keep things alive and green. Also, made some improvements to the {solar lights} generator. © 2017 by Chris DIYer.


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12 Comments on "Backyard tour (and some “other” stuff)"

  1. Wire Less says:

    Just wondering…Have you ever did a EMF reading around your setup to see how much your being exposed to?

  2. wyattoneable says:

    Your back yard is like a post card. Not a flower out of place. Nice pin up girls!

  3. Roy Amberg says:

    nice flower garden.

  4. Roy Amberg says:

    looks like Chris is a good cook. nice sexy pics lol

  5. Hey Chris, I'm surprised you have not used some old outdoor garden light cord for the small inverter, the 12-2 landscaping wire ? J K

  6. Your back yard is beautiful! That lasagna looks amazing and now I don't want what i brought for lunch tonight at work.

  7. Backyard tour looks very nice. great job Chris.

  8. yea ha flying high lol. Thanks for showing

  9. Robin Jones says:

    Awe love the kitty's

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