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AUTOMATIC Coop Door (Millennium Falcon Edition)

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This automatic, Millennium Falcon style chicken coop door opens and closes automatically with the rising and setting of the sun. Click “show more” for the plans.


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37 Comments on "AUTOMATIC Coop Door (Millennium Falcon Edition)"

  1. ang medina says:

    Epic! That automatic chicken coop door is Epic…and if that music were to play every time it would open and close, it would be uber epic! 😉

  2. Wuau, i need this automatic door. How can I get this controller for the door?

  3. Dani Dickman says:

    OMG! That is my dentist! I am crying. Rhodes family, we missed you by one day. we moved from Idaho to Montana the day before you drove from missoula to Idaho. We missed you! 😭


  5. so sorry to hear about your tooth. Plaintain is amazing! Wad it up and stick it up in your gum line. Replace with fresh leaf every hour or so. I put a wad in gum line while I sleep, too. Also, oil pulling multiiple times per day. God bless you

  6. I have a friend that had an abscess, and she used oil pulling with coconut oil. She went back in a few months and NO MORE ABCESS! It may have just been luck, but she swears by it. Worth a shot before pulling or root canal!

  7. That is so cool! I've always thought about a RaspberryPi project and this seems like the perfect one to start out with. Great idea!

  8. Dan's an amazing farmer! So glad you got to visit him. Powdered myrhh is great to brush your teeth with when you get an abscess; if too sore, just swish it in your mouth or use Tincture of Myrhh. Not the best tasting stuff, but it's an astringent and tightens up your gums, helping to heal and relieve pain. Here's some other cures.. here's a homemade toothpaste recipe with it (#21).. care,,,:))

  9. 2bonosc says:

    He's like an "Uber"Justin lol.

  10. What's a "Millennial Falcon," a falcon that wears skinny jeans? LOL!

  11. jimmie200 says:

    Everyone check into Standard Process Bio-Dent to grow cavities out. Dr. Tent, Chiropractor, on Youtube said if his boys had a cavity when they were growing up, he would give them 30 Bio-Dent a day and the cavities would grow out. They never had a filling.

  12. barb C says:

    Please do not pull your tooth. This will cause long term issues of other teeth sliding into that empty space. Please do heed the dentists advice as an infection in your tooth can cause an infection around your heart. A good friend was in the hospital for weeks, and almost passed away, which would have left her 9 children without a mother. The cavity in your tooth having spread to the roots of your tooth can be rectified with a root canal and you can have that tooth for the rest of your life. Please take care.

  13. Teresa Daily says:

    Today, doing a reflection of Isaiah 40:10-11, I immediately thought of Dan and this scene with the sheep. Thank you for blessing me with a new way to view the role of the shepherd.

  14. Gary Mercer says:

    You make my day!! Headed for infusion therapy every day for next 4 weeks but just love the part of America that you have exposed in an incredible shining light!!!

  15. Jackfinchbro says:

    aww mr brown has grown so much

  16. Jessie says:

    I have an extreme fear of the dentist!!!!! Extreamly extreme!!! oh and at the grab a green place did that sign say garbage tea? if so what is that?! so sorry about your tooth!!! good luck!

  17. Nancy Sutton says:

    OK, my abcess tooth story…. Nov 2016 … pain, got on raw garlic and other stuff… pain gone in 2 dys but went dentist…x-ray showed big black abcess (infection)… dr. said MUST!! get root canal !!! I took the referral, and more garlic, etc……and decided to gamble. A yr later, pain back.. ugh!! I lost the gamble! Then, more garlic, etc, and new dentist's x-ray showed NO abcess or anything!!!! So now I'm veeeeerrrry good to my teeth, doing raw garlic on occasion, etc. Still OK!! (6 mos later)

    Garlic grated on microplane, put in little melted butter… solid in fridge. Downed a small spoonful w/ orange j. (Vit C!), like a big pill. And using DIY eggshell toothpaste… teeth like just hyg. cleaned every day 🙂 BTW, these dentists weren't 'natural'.

  18. Terri Gregg says:

    Yes,for sure with the auto door opening &a closing. Super cool idea…I want one!!! Thank you.

  19. sbayles says:

    Love his sheep moving method!

  20. For your abscessed tooth. After brushing, mix a saturated solution of a cup of hot water and salt, as hot as you can tolerate. Swish this around your mouth, especially around the bad tooth, until it is all gone. Do this at least 3 times per day. Try not to drink anything for at least an hour. When you do drink, just plain water, no fruit juices etc.. Be sure to do it just before bed. The salt will help to draw the abscess out. It will most likely be feeling better within a couple days. Continue for at least 5 days.

  21. Shawn Miles says:

    Your family drives me daily to get my property in shape

  22. Mike Smith says:

    Justin I love your channel, you are doing a wonderful job. i do have a suggestion however. Shouldn't that be the Millennium Chicken????

  23. Love that door!! But how does it stand up to opossums or raccoon's. I mean I really love Rocket Raccoon but I don't want his nonverbal relatives eating my chickens if they manage to get past my electric net.

  24. Tency Ross says:

    If Shay still has bees try propolis from the hives for your tooth.  Old beeks say that packing some on the gum on the bum tooth an help heal it.  I guess if you can get some propolis from her its worth a shot on your way to anchorage.  Maybe it will make a difference….I hope!

  25. So glad you made it to the Elliott Homestead! I have followed Shaye's blog for a while and love to see what they have done on their new property!!! Also have started watching the Grass-Fed Homestead from the beginning! Love it!!

  26. Gary Glore says:


    This mouthwash is one of the best things for mouth infections. Not sure how soon you could get it Hope your tooth gets better

  27. Dan is amazing,all credit to the tour,thanks Rhodes family!

  28. Justin, your content is amazing. Your personality is endearing. I wish I could watch your videos, but I can only listen to them. The wildly free moving camera makes me motion sick!! Could you please learn to mount your camera on something still?? Please? I love the farms and farmers you visit, and I would love to see them without getting dizzy and nauseated.

  29. You all are so special. Thanks for the visit.

  30. Gary Mercer says:

    You keep knocking them out of the ball park!!!!

  31. That automatic chicken door is a good idea.

  32. Rachael B says:

    The fires have been terrible up here this year. I'm in Northwest Oregon and you know it's bad when everyone here is hoping for rain. We had the longest stretch of rain free days… 54 days I believe. Everything has been so hot and dry. I hope you have a chance to come back when the air is clear and the hills are green. I think June/July are my favorite months.
    I'd love to get in touch with some of the local permaculture gurus. We have a small property but try to make use of every square foot of it. Love your channel… just found you tonight and I subscribed. Your family is adorable!

  33. John P says:

    Millennial Falcon?

  34. Ed19601 says:

    That was Warpspeed for those chicken coming out

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