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Autel Robotics X-Star Unboxing, Setup and Flight Testing

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew unboxes, sets up and tests the X-Star Premium quadcopter from Autel Robotics. The crew begins by providing an …


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29 Comments on "Autel Robotics X-Star Unboxing, Setup and Flight Testing"

  1. CanYouFeelIt says:

    Fuck that freaking speach speed up

  2. Now that is a really good review. Good job

  3. Literally have cancer now

  4. Chisholm max head rum is very annoying get rid of that and then your video will be much better no one wants to see old technology being used for something new plus it's just annoying.

  5. Thank you for this video guys, most informative and very enjoyable.

  6. Kevin Balmer says:

    I tried very hard, (for about 4 minutes) to stay engaged in this video… hoping that it would have insightful/useful info. I'm sorry but I just couldn't tolerate the Max parody.

  7. Doug Kubash says:

    Great video!!  Lots and lots of very helpful info. Just ordered one about a hour ago. Can't wait to start flying it and compare it to the rest of my fleet.    Thanks!!

  8. How much is this?

  9. How far can this thing go? I've heard 2 miles

  10. gareth5000 says:

    Matt Frewer is a genius

  11. Thanks for the review. My buddy recently bought an XSP and it is a very well built machine that is sweet to fly. I have flown and really enjoyed it. May get a pumpkin myself! Autel added things to their controller that I think many people have always wished for on the Phantom controller. I for one laughed a lot at your flashback to Maxx Headroom. I know some others didn't, but I think it was a clever and funny nod to the eighties. For me the comedy made for a different review than the many others out there that are straightforward unboxing and flight reviews. That's a good thing! You can't make everybody happy!

  12. mad monkey says:

    very well done indeed,

  13. windage says:

    liked it so much, I went looking for the same type of review/ use by you for my Phantom 4….still looking for it…

  14. KmanAust says:

    I know you want to stand out but cuts to annoying Maxx Headroom is not the way to do it. Just get the facts out in a concise manner, because I'm not here to get entertained, I'm here to learn. Nice work otherwise.

  15. Hi, will the flir vue be able to work with the x-star premium? Would it be able to mount on the gimble?

  16. I enjoyed the whole video including the Max Headroom bits. I don't get the negativity in the comments section. This is a drone review, not a church sermon for God's sake. Where else can you get this kind of in depth quality review by two guys who really know what they're talking about with simply amazing video quality. Kind of makes you think RC hobbyists are mostly uptight, humorless boring group of individuals. Lighten up man.

  17. Ab Rob says:

    Well doe. Guys

  18. mad monkey says:

    absolutely love it

  19. JC Flippen says:

    Beautifully done. This machine is tempting as the colour does not remind me of my Phantom that flew away.

  20. startazz says:

    Stating the obvious here but it looks and flies like the Phantom to me,getting away from that i really like it but at first i hated that colour,but after seeing it in the sky i can see why that colour works so well,better than the standard white we so much of these days.

    Great review boys though i'm not sure about the Max Headroom parts,but i did enjoy the out takes at the end of the video especially the girl running behind Sherman. ;-)

  21. Carl T says:

    Please drop the "funny voices" and extra stuff you added to this video, it is distracting and lowers the production value. Makes the review feel like a joke.

  22. Shawn BrasuellVery nice video but you missed one small feature, that you can charge the battery and the remote simultaneously

  23. svsoftair says:

    interesting review but one is concentrated an all of a sudden you guys decided to put this slow or fast voice in the middle of the content spoiling the whole thing, you are a nice team but extremely gringo bad taste that spoils it all

  24. fabio g says:

    back to the future 2 cameo ?

  25. uptowndisco2 says:

    Maxx Head Room was a nice touch , but overused to the point it stated to get annoying.

  26. TurboGramps says:

    Sherman Head Room….I thought it was funny! Flash back to the 80's.

  27. TEAMERICA says:

    THAT was the BEST Video I have ever seen. I'm still laughing.
    AND I learned a lot because important points were emphasized.
    "Don't download the Subaru app" "Pay up my Homeowner's Insurance"
    HAHAHAHAHa "The tree coming up on your monitor is the tree you have already hit."

  28. What's up with the Maxx Head Room???? Hate it ?

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