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Ascent Solar Kickr IV Portable Solar Charger Review

I’ve been in dozens of situations that make me uneasy. The last one being a five day outage at home due to a wind storm in Southern Oregon. From then on, I’ve been on a quest to provide my family with uninterrupted power when (not if) the grid goes down again.

For the last few years, I’ve reviewed multiple portable {solar lights} devices, however I only recommend ones that I deem worthy of our attention.

The Ascent {solar lights} Kickr IV Portable {solar lights} Charger is one of those devices.

Although I believe my demands are not too unreasonable, there are a few requirements that need to be met.

#1. I need a solar charger that will keep my Galaxy S3 cell phone completely juiced during the duration of the outage.
#2. I need enough power to keep my Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp fully charged.
#3. I would like to be an extra supply of power though an external power pack like the Jumpr Slate Power Bank

For a full review and charge results:

Ascent {solar lights}:

The Black Diamond Headlamp:

Jumpr Slate 5k Power Bank:


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2 Comments on "Ascent Solar Kickr IV Portable Solar Charger Review"

  1. EnerPlex says:

    Quadruple thumbs up?!  We like that new measurement! Thank you for such a thorough review, +Grow Your Heirlooms. We can't wait to watch the next one for the Jumpr Slate!

  2. That 5100mah power pack/bank is a bit large dimensionally W×H. It is pleasantly slim though. I have a power bank less than 1/2 the W×H of that power pack/bank and has a whopping 16,000 true MAH of stored energy. It is thicker, probably 5× thicker but still I would consider it far more portable. Otherwise great solar charger for sure.

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