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Are Solar Panels A Good Buy?

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48 Comments on "Are Solar Panels A Good Buy?"

  1. Joshua S. says:

    This ain't the middle east. Nowhere near enough energy to power most homes. The Israelis have solar water heaters but Israel is very hot and sunny.

  2. Levi Hawk says:

    Does the utility company send you a check..No. Will the utility company send you a check later? No. So whatever you pay for your electrical service is spent for services used … no return on investment. Correct…. Correct ! So if you spend money on anything.. renewable solar energy…for example…is there a cost of owning it ? Yes… does it save you money ? Yes…How…does it save you money? It eventually is paid off…thus whatever it generates for the rest of it's life and yours…it saves you..which in turn pays you to use…Correct. So Dave… it is a net win… there is no down side… None ! Let us know when a car manufacture sends you a check after ten years of ownership… is the only thing you can buy that pays you to own it.. Nothing else does or ever will do that… So Go Solar ! Wind… etc. Go Renewable…you can't lose.

  3. judi young says:

    How would I find out information if I'm allowed to have solar? I'm at a loss at where to begin! Your help is greatly appreciated…I live on a mortgage free very small frame home in Tuttle, Okla. A country town spread out. Thank you!

  4. Zach Hawkins says:

    Peace of mind of not having an electric bill is a good enough investment for a lot of people.

  5. Rob F says:

    Tesla roofs are pretty interesting

  6. Lee B says:

    I live in the UK my friend has panels but I’m sure he’s kidding his self on the returns he gets he paid £12000 for his set up and at 65 years old I will be surprised if he gets his money back before he kicks the bucket .
    Yes he does put juice into the grid so at times his bills can be tiny but I have looked into these and even the best panels expect to only be 60% efficient after around 8 years.use the cheaper panels can be as low as 35% efficient that means the pay back time will get exponentially longer.
    The idea of free energy is tempting but imho enjoying the cash while you are fit enough to do so is more tempting as I get older.
    As for the environment, in the manufacturing of solar panels the photovoltaic cells usually are silicon tetrachloride in making them some very nasty pollution is taking place especially in the main manufacturing nation of China.
    Solar panels are good but not as good as the manufacturers selling them would have you believe.

  7. Landon Cash says:

    Imagine every house in Phoenix with solar panels.

  8. Tbagstealer says:

    🅱️etter than I 🅱️eserve

  9. Chris Baker says:

    Money saved with solar panels is tax free! On top of that it is good for the environment.

  10. 🍎 where do the dead batteries go. ? in your back yard ? 💀

  11. My husband and I are considering solar panels to run our full house. We are looking to fully power with them (hw, stove, all power). We live in northern New England and were wondering if solar power could heat a home with electric baseboard heat. Not currently using electric for heat as its pretty $$, but if solar could cover it, it might be worth getting rid of $150-$200 mo electric bill and $300-$400 mo heating bill. Thoughts?

  12. Ryan Simmons says:


  13. actorzone says:

    one saving is to pick the correct panels, fly by night crooks selling cheap solar panels cost some buyers who bought so investment time to recover overall costs is blown to pieces.

  14. Rick Owen says:

    Aside from potential $$$ saved, being more energy independent when there are power interruptions factors into 'wise.'

  15. Gnosis7 says:

    You can get ROI in three years with the latest technology and lower prices.

  16. mike allen says:

    i have a small off grid solar system. was not a money saver but i just likes the idea of being self sufficient. if the grid goes down i will still have lights and can charge my devices. also it is better for the environment. not everything is just about money.

  17. steve b says:

    Solar on individual houses is STUPID. They ONLY make sense( and cents) on a LARGE SCALE operation.

  18. The other issue with solar in Nevada is that they force you to stay connected to the grid and have to still pay for a connection fee even though you're not using electricity from NV Energy.

  19. I would have a few for emergency usage. I would not go 100% solar. Don't last long enough in my opinion. Plus it wouldn't really save me $. Solar is good for some people and areas buy not all.

  20. PSA: Do not pay someone to install solar for you! Do your own research and buy everything you need and install the set up yourself! You'll save a ton and learn far more about your system if anything ever goes wrong. EDIT: And if you do that, it can be completely off grid so you can avoid any control of YOUR energy by the government.

  21. SxyGrl44 says:

    I live in NY and we pay $900.00 for every two months… I was just trying to understand how does the solar system pay itself off… since they're telling me no money down to own….

  22. I have had mine for 6 years now… before all the rebates and tax breaks it was basically 75% of my yearly income! HOLY CRAP
    In the end, they are starting to get to the 50% point of paying for themselves, and have been pretty much hassle free (have to restart system now and then). But even once they pay for themselves, the ROI is really not that great.
    The opportunity cost i have missed out on has been crazy. I could have invested all that money and have made so much more with bonds, stock, index funds, P2P lending, or anything else.

    I think MAYBE if someone is doing it to "be green" sure, but that is the lazy way to be green, you are better off by actually REDUCING your consumption. I guess another reason is if you do not NEED to invest or you have money to throw around, sure. But as a way to "save" or invest some money, not really a good deal, even in 2017 🙁

  23. knpstrr says:

    If a setup is $25,000 and you get 30% tax credit, your net cost is $17,500.
    If your electric bill is $100/mo that's 1,200/yr or a 6.85% return on your investment.
    That is already a reasonable return and it will likely get even better in the coming years.

  24. knpstrr says:

    solar is the future and it is near!

  25. Jameel Ja says:

    Dave you should get a wind turbine, then. lol

  26. Wes Karcher says:

    You can do it yourself, start off small then grow. Get a small 500w grid tie kit. Its going to cost about 550 for two 180w panels, 1 500w grid tie inverter, cables and mc4 connections. You have to build your own mounts. Just the 500 w kit will take care of all your vampire power needs. Then build up from there to see the real savings. Remember to limit your grid tie to no more than 1500w per dedicated outlet. Get you a killawatt meter to see how much your feeding into your house. I might do a video to show you how easy it is. Im sick with bronchitis right now. 🤕

  27. Who does Dave endorse in Southern California for solar?

  28. 2558jmb says:

    My Electric Bill with my Solar is $17.35 which covers the pole charge that evryone has to pay otherwise our solar system is running our house.

  29. Wilson Pabon says:

    In Ontario we pay 8 cents kwh in low demand and 13 cents in peak demand, that's a 400% increase since 2009… Solar panels make lots of sense here except for winter

  30. Bettylou says:

    Sometimes the value for solar is not just about energy savings it is about having a smaller carbon footprint. Some of us actually believe the science and that the greenhouse effect is real. Our natural resources can not last forever at the rate we are consuming them. I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren to have a clean environment and a comfortable one to live in.

  31. 2558jmb says:

    sdbw1990 buying panels outright does not take 12-20 yrs. to get your money back, it amazes me also how people are so misinformed on Solar Panels and there cost our initial cost in NY State was $24,000 but we did not pay that we got a NYSERDA rebate that came right off the top and a 30% tax credit our final cost to us was $8,300 which we paid in cash, in 6 yrs. ours should pay for itself see comment below.

  32. 2558jmb says:

    30% Tax credit has been extended until about 2020

  33. 2558jmb says:

    My husband and i have Solar on our house in Upstate NY we feel it was a great investment, we have a 7,250 watt system more than enough to run our house saved about $1,500 the first year at this rate the panels will pay for themselves in about 6 yrs. we paid out of pocket about $8,300 this was after Nyserda rebate and 30% tax rebate we couldnt be more happy, we also have several other households in our neighborhood who have also installed them.

  34. To run solar panels without a battery bank to store the extra electricity for when the sun goes down is lunacy. By having a bank of batteries to power the house through the night, you spend zero on electricity if the capacity is correctly sized. And when the sun comes up, the charging begins. Of you make good purchase decisions, and buy from the right place, you can start small with only a few panels and expand when you have the cash. You do not have to buy a system big enough to power a house all at one time, just do the initial purchase with it setup to add on to it later.

  35. judas brute says:

    using green energy is being a good steward of the earth

  36. I live in Las Vegas and I ran a cost/benefit analysis and the numbers don't work for me. What almost nobody does is consider the opportunity cost. What could that 20-30k make you if not wrapped up in solar panels? For me the earnings on 25k is greater than my electricity cost.

  37. omaxman1 says:

    I remember reading somewhere that it takes about 17 years to get your money back, on solar panels

  38. 3Birds1Nerd says:

    Just remember they don't last forever. They will eventually have to be replaced. I would get grounded solar panels, just In case you need new shigles or if your roof leaks, you don't have to waste $ and take them down. I know, Ground panels are not ideal for every one either.

  39. Ever since I was a kid I've been interested in solar power. As an adult I would like to eventually get solar panels on my house but probably not with my current one. I live in an area with a considerable number of cloudy/rainy days, the utilities are relatively cheap, I don't use a lot of them, and I don't plan on living here long enough for good ROI.

  40. Alex Tappin says:

    google already has a project designed for this question. Just Google "are solar panels worth it" or visit

    here in Oregon, it tells me it is not worth it.

  41. sdbw1990 says:

    I was literally just looking into this haha
    there are 3 ways to get solar panels
    1. Buy them outright, takes between 12 to 20 to get your money back even including tax credit.
    2. Finance them, takes even longer since you now pay interest on the loan
    3. lease them, this can actually work really well. There is no upfront cost and then you pay a reduced rate compared to regular grid for the power it generates. You only save about $20/month but there was no investment. the main problem with this is you're locked in a contract for a long time (20 years)

  42. ib12541 says:

    surprised no one asked what the panels were to be used for? use them to heat water for the house or pool? no big deal. to generate power? to what extent; whole house power, partial power to certain appliances for emergency use. not a thorough discussion.

  43. in the uk it is 20 year roi

  44. Brad Vincent says:

    Alex Epstein, The Moral Case for Fossile Fuels

  45. Dave is correct, you need to do the math, Everytime I analyze this it's a loosing proposition… would take over 12 to 15years to pay for itself, by then you will need to spend to maintain the system. just like a Prius not worth it for a regular family

  46. AJ9 says:

    Question here… I am 17 and started a lawn care company ( we make 340 a week while in school ) and I started it with my friend. After our growth he really became the guy doing some work leaving me to do all the estimating, talking to the customer and handling the money splitting it 50/50 while a lot of doing work on the lawn. How/should I try to get more equity for my work cuz basically he is my employee because he doesn't do anything more than Go to lawns and cut with me. What should I do?

  47. ryan says:

    ROI in Mutual Funds > ROI Solar Panels

  48. teebone 21 says:

    I always wondered about solar panels. living in Houston they would work great for me

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