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Anker 14 Watt Dual Port Solar Panel Review – Survival Gear

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The Anker 14 Watt Dual Port Solar Charger with PowerIQ is a folding solar panel engineered to stand up to the elements. This panel lets you charge 2 devices at the same time from the sun.

You can check it out on Amazon here (link supports this channel):

And here’s a link to the Anker website so you can check out all their other products too. They have a lot of cool stuff:

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22 Comments on "Anker 14 Watt Dual Port Solar Panel Review – Survival Gear"

  1. Anker has that 20k mah power bank, I think it is little bit better than solar charger.

  2. I've watched most if not all your videos, sometimes I think that dog thinks he's the co host of Survival On Purpose. 

  3. beahaven says:

    How long to charge up the various Anker External Battery Packs (I have 2: the 5600 and 15,000)?  How long have you owned the unit?  Did you buy it or was it given to you to review?  I have been thinking about getting this for a while.

  4. KennethKramm says:

    Nice review Bryan

  5. Nice review on the product……..Barking Dog Productions lol…thanks for sharing

  6. MrBcalderon says:

    You don't have to apologize for the dog brother, if anyone doesn't like it they can go watch something else! Its not like anyone's paying for YouTube videos!
    What we need to do is thank you for quality reviews on cool stuff! So…THANK YOU, your doing a awesome job and I love your channel!
    Keep up the great work man!

  7. Lt Survival says:

    Guess that wasn't your dog. great video again. Solar power might be coming of age now. still some glich but getting there. With our devise it's getting necessary to consider solar. for the moment i use an inverter in the car for charging when needed, does pretty good when with a car.

  8. Greyman Zink says:

    Real life situation, never works the way we want the first time.  Really like you stuff.  From one old Scout to another, stay safe and don't kill the kids,

  9. 05generic says:

    I agree, due to the inconsistency of sunlight you really need the soar panel and the battery pack. And that raises the question: why don't they combine the two in one product? 

  10. Hey Bryan, I agree, Anker makes some great equipment. I have the same solar panel plus the a5 15k mah external batt pack. I usually have more than enough power just out of the batt pack and almost never need to use the solar panel. But it is nice to top the batt off during the day while you are out exploring. Thanx for sharing. Peace out.

  11. Bryan, i also ment to say that some devices such as apples need 3+ volts to tell it to start charging. I think androids a little less.

  12. great review, looks like a cool product!
    Peace, David

  13. Barry Smith says:

    Cool Charger…How much is it?

  14. that is one awesome peace of gear bryan..

  15. Jim Cyr says:

    Good rundown, I'm using the goal zero equivalent and it's been working well with my devices so far.

  16. chiyusuru says:

    Thank you for taking the time to review this. The first generation apple devices all seem very finicky to me, all of mine were. 

  17. You can buy usb volt/ammeters for a couple of bucks that show the voltage going in plus the current being used in two separate digital displays. They are tiny too so work great along with solar panels and makes it easy to work out how much current a device actually draws in varying levels of sunlight.

  18. TobyDK91 says:

    What if i told you that 5 Volts by 2 Amps only make 10 Watts? More like the "Anker 10 Watts solar array". Unless ofcourse it can actually output more than 5 Volts.

  19. Christi Dea says:

    newbie solar question for you. Can solar panels like this get charged up sitting on a window sill? We get a ton of rain and in the winter snow, so I won't want to take our devices outside to charge, BUT if I could basically charge them near a sunny window that would be awesome

  20. I'm debating between the Anker and Levin chargers witch one sould I get?

  21. this is exact type of review and product I was looking for, thanks very much , keep up the good work

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