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Amazingly powerful 12volt water pump from a Toyota Prius ● test to 12v and solar

Don’t miss my UPDATE video on this pump!! Link is below.I found this powerful little12v water pump at the wreckers in a Toyota Prius and I tested it on a 12volt …


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32 Comments on "Amazingly powerful 12volt water pump from a Toyota Prius ● test to 12v and solar"

  1. John KaBang says:

    I would hazard a guess that it is a electronically controlled brushless dc motor and NOT an induction motor.

  2. me says:


  3. Glen King says:

    I would love to see if that would push a small boat.

  4. kleetus92 says:

    Probably a very similar pump to the supercharged cobra mustangs and a lot of the Mercedes Benz AMG heat exchanger pumps for the turbos. Neat video none the less.

  5. Cosmo John says:

    I think it consumes too much electricity. Highly inefficient product

  6. You should take instructions from inplix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

  7. I want a pump please

  8. now add a water wheel generator and power the motor with it flowing water free power lol

  9. how much price this motor

  10. The point is if you connect pipes it wont pump the water.
    I tested. One meter pipe on input and one meter pipe on out. Nothing.

  11. Ronald D. says:

    watched the whole video, interresting stuff, but i am missing the point i think.

  12. BMW has something similar starting from 1995 for climate control. So you get warm air even if engine is killed. Same thing that the impeller is with magnet.

  13. Phino K.M. says:

    That's a brushless DC motor. Induction motors don't have magnetic rotors.

  14. Need to put a Water pressure meter in how many pounds per Square inch ?

  15. Pete Lorenzo says:

    neat little pump. if they were cheaper new I'd order one. gotta get myself to the scrap yard. walmart has 12 volt pumps in the boating isle, which I've used for hydroponics with never a problem. I love playing with 12 volt and water

  16. I have installed one in my Health Center & Spa colonic cleansing station and went from seeing 12 to over 35 assholes a day! Cha Ching

  17. bro give Amazon this product link

  18. This will work perfect for a watercooler for my tig machine

  19. Kevin Nyman says:

    really kool video! loved all the info

  20. Dylan Gokee says:

    used one of these to move coolant on a custom buggy build. works great

  21. 91CavGT says:

    I can see a lot of good uses for a little pump like this, especially if I can find one for next to nothing at a wrecking yard!! Thanks!!

  22. falcon7350 says:

    if you need some thing a little more powerful the chevy volt has 3 pumps like this but push more GPM and can be run on PWM or full power

  23. Crobular I says:

    Not amperage !! DC Current in Amperes !..

  24. Ralph Russo says:

    Thank you ,Fantastic! Make a nice circulating pump for solar Hot water.Maybe for a RV!TY73s

  25. It is NOT an induction motor.. It is a brushless DC motor. Induction motors run on AC and as you point out this is a 12 volt DC motor. Go back to school

  26. Jimmy Walker says:

    Ok folks I stand corrected. I was behind the times. no need to keep telling me it's a brushless dc motor. thanks

  27. Jeremy Ellis says:

    PC water cooling pump maybe?

  28. gjmob says:

    You could pump water, let it run down a ramp to a fish pond and have a water generator on the way. Throw an electric eel into the pond and you are off the grid my friend!

  29. Nice video… I have a small stream that goes through my yard and a set up like this would be great for irrigation for my garden. Thanks

  30. This would be AWESOME in a aquaponic system?

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