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this is a small video of my solar hot water and solar electric system and my wind turbines.I just want to show what these types of systems can do.every thing I have learned about alt energy is from youTube safe and have fun.My video was cut short I only have 3 12v batteries being charged from the windmills and small solar array.they only get used when the power goes out so they just stay topped off untill then.the top windmill is a 500w the 2 lowers are 1000w each.1000w would take a steady 30mph wind which will never happen where they are so they might make 200w max each but they are fun to watch and do help out a LITTLE


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21 Comments on "alternative energy solar and wind"

  1. abenwinUT says:

    I am a novice to solar generation and appreciate these videos. Good info. I keep reading that you should not discharge a battery completely. My inverter shuts off when the battery gets to 10.7v. How can more of the battery be used if the inverter shuts off at 10.7v. Appreciate any info. Thanks

  2. Nice work! Check out HHO and Wood gas, if you already haven't 😉

  3. abenwinUT says:

    I just started watching your videos about 2 weeks ago and have learned a lot and am very impressed with your setup. My question is: can multiple charge controllers charge the same battery bank? I am trying to decide if I need multiple small or one large charge controller. I am just getting started. I have a 120 watt panel at 10amp, 15 amp chg ctrl, 1200 watt inverter and 'one' 12 volt marine deep cycle battery with plans to expand as I learn more. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. TheKilog69 says:

    Thank u so much for sharing all the great things u are doing,You are very help full to people like myself trying to work out problems with my projects. A solar water heater is next 4 me.

  5. Makerj101 says:

    @michael970 But if you did produce enough power would they pay you?

  6. michael cole says:

    @makerj101 hey I don't produce enough power to be in the negative at the end of the month.I have 2 houses so we burn some power

  7. @michael970

    Muddybuttmuddyfuckmuddyman – have you seen that guys ALTERNATOR rebuild….. DAMN I would not let that guy near my goat.

  8. Makerj101 says:

    Hey dose your electric company pay you money for the electricity you put back on the grid?

  9. wiboater4 says:

    @michael970 That's what I thought you probably did. By the way, I went to Enphase inverters after watching that video comparing the enphase to the plug in chinese inverters. I went up from 400 watts to 700 watts with the enphase 215's. I also bought the Envoy to see how my panels compared . They are all almost exactly equal in wattage. Your video really helped make the decision. Thanks.

  10. michael cole says:

    @wiboater4 I fed it through one of the regular pipe inlets.I made a big cork screw with the 3/8 line and fed it in an that allowed it to compress as it hi the bottom then I went in the bottom hole with a piece of all thread and screwed it into the end of the coil and pulled it out the hole.then came the tricky part for me anyhow making it air tight a few adapters and some solder waaa laaaa it works.TAKE CARE@wiboater4

  11. wiboater4 says:

    How did you get the copper coil into the tank? Was there an access panel on it?

  12. @michael970 I use an Ivan Labs El Sid 10 watt PV 12VDC. However it is expensive and the electronics burned out at 5 yrs. Water height is a big issue at fill time. After filling, a closed loop, like mine, can work with a tiny pump head height because the weight of falling water matches the weight of rising water. Your head height is only a little bigger; ie. the air gap in your drain tank. I use one RV pump to fill and another to circulate. El Sid won't do the fill height. I'll do a video reply.

  13. photolodge says:

    Where did you get the water panels for 50? thanks

  14. michael cole says:

    @wtam69 hey check out the videos from muddymuddyman he will show you everything in detail.I will get some video of mine also.

  15. finpainter1 says:

    this stuff can get addicting.

  16. wtam69 says:

    Please make a video of your windmills when you need to do some maintenance. I would like to see in more detail the construction of your homemade units. Thanks for sharing your great setup.

  17. michael cole says:

    @definitionofis could you let me know what pump to use.its a 40ft run and up about 15ft.thanks for the advice

  18. That is terrific that you added your own coil into that tank. I bought my two tanks with coils, for a lot of money.

    I am sure I heard you say 120 watts to run the water pumps. Maybe I'm mistaken. However, you should be using only 10 watts for such a short run and small volume. I have a longer run and the same diameter pipe and 10 watts works fine.

  19. michael cole says:

    @helloman1976 hey the bottom 2 make way more than the top one.nice score on the panels can wait to see them.TAKE CARE

  20. michael cole says:

    @Fearlessthinker yes the large tank acts like a pre heater before going to my 30g electric tank.sorry I didn't talk about that.TAKE CARE

  21. Is your water source plumbed to the big tank and then plumbed over to your normal tank? I missed that aspect if you covered it. Kinda hard to see things. Glad you got it working. Nice setup and good to see you back.

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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    Wind Power Kits

    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again


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