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Activation of solar light bodies

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Precious Hearts, This is the Cosmic Moment for which we have all been longing. This video is an Activity of Light the Company of Heaven has given to Humanity to help us assimilate the monumental…


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40 Comments on "Activation of solar light bodies"

  1. Animalityno4 says:

    Thankyou dear one

  2. Smita B says:

    I felt cascading tingling sensatin in body as if cells are waking up..thank you.

  3. Лена д says:

    Thank you my dear <3 Bless God you <3 nice vidio…

  4. Yo soy.Yoy soy Luz,Yo soy Paz,Yo soy Amor.
    Amour infini

  5. Thanks thanks thanks all i go for it namaste

  6. The fire is associated with the etheric body and aer goes with the mental body according with Elizabeth Clair Prophet

  7. Лена д says:

    :-* :-* :-* Thank my good <3 Blessing .!!!..

  8. JJ RODRIGUEZ says:

    And so it is! Thank you Patricia, Happy New Year!

  9. This is not biblical, these video's are the Mark of the beast,
    King James Bible 13:17
    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    DNA = your genetic code Video = Upgrading and changing your code. I prayed after watching this and i can state from my experiences this is (Not Good.)

    Please I urge you to pray and ask forgiveness, there is still time before God withdraws his spirit.

  10. アイコ says:

    Thank you very much for all your Wonderful Video

  11. lady presents this prayer so well … Who is she ????

  12. evelynjm7 says:


  13. Very nice and beautiful. Thanks from Colombia. S.A

  14. Chris Oakes says:

    What a Beautiful meditation!!!!! Thank you…

  15. Chris Oakes says:

    She said Father/Mother God. That's accurate! I had a near death experience last summer an I met God and God is a perfect balance of masculine feminine energy in one magnificent beautiful being of Love…

  16. Sampagita 1 says:

    Greetings with Easter Blessings! Lord Jesus has risen from the dead and is very much alive. Halleluyah! He is the Great I AM!

    Thanks sis Patty for this video message. I am pleased to share with you what i experienced today while meditating with closed eyes.. As always my room was filled with dense Orb of white light with stripes pink. yellow and green light. It was dense and beautiful. While observing this I felt the energy of the Creator, the Great "i AM" gently tinggling in my feet and legs. I was so relaxed, taking a deep breath in and out. Few minutes later my tears were flowing down to my cheeks and down to my ears since I was lying down comfortably on my sofa. Then i saw His face in the midst of dense white light glowing indigo or purple. I thanked Him and praised Him, then I saw golden light and white light being blended from time to time. It was beautiful to observe.up to the end of the video that lasted for half an hour.

    This experience of mine today manifests that the activation of my Solar Light Bodies has indeed occured transforming my Carvon-based Planetary Bodies into Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies of Infinite Perfection.
    I therefor testified that all the words spoken in this Video by the Company of Heaven is true and was made manifest in the physical reality. This means that I was ready at this time, but the first time I did this nothing took place, and I fell asleep. I as will repeat this to be familiar with the text that is full of higher knowledge and wisdom.

    I hope the entirety of this message will be shared for the highest good. And so it is. Love and blessings.
    With much Love, Light and Gratitude,
    The I Am Presence
    Pls. send me a link where there is transcription of your other messages to facilitate making comments with manifestation. The next I want to make comment is that of Retutning to ChristConsciousness. Thanks and God bless you mightily.

  17. Bubaloo says:

    I feel peace and I do my chaplets but your lovely voice and this awesome looking vids are so breathtaking I wonder if You are an angel.

  18. BELOVED I AM THAT I AM    Karen

  19. I am my I AM PRESENCE


  21. Sorry, but when I hear about transformation from carbon-based life to a silica or silicon-based crystalline form I cringe, and think this is just cyborg transhumanism through the back door. The real spiritual light body cannot be that.

  22. Thanks to the Saint Germaine Personal Healing I've been brought back to what I use to know and practice.

  23. MM Hrad says:

    Dear Patricia , all your meditation and I mean ALL ! are just amazing , most enjoyable in every possible way and I never ever had such a beautiful experience with any meditation . Ever ! Your voice, back sounds , message …… I can't find right words to describe how I feel , or maybe by saying your's are the BEST of all I ever heard ! I'm so grateful and I wish I can express better my Love and gratitude .

  24. I AM one with Mother-Father-God. I AM one with the Divine Presence.

  25. Thank you so much Pat & all Beings and energy of The Light!
    I AM within me, in my Divine River of Golden Light hears, sees, responds to this
    I AM is on earth as a 5D crystalline emotional , mental, spiritual & physical Light-infused Light Bodies now functioning in greater and greater Divine Alchemy expanding within this vehicle into 5D+ Solar Realms of Light with the New Earth!
    Deepest Gratitude & recognition, Blessings

  26. D T says:

    i love your work, thank you for sharing .

  27. Thank you so much Patricia for all this Light/Divine Love in reconnaissance of our Father Mother God in our heart Je suis. I listen to your words since years ago and now the Sun showed me what it means the Christalline and Solar Being. In deep living transformation of in my DNA. And it came from you first but I did not know what it was. Thanks again dear Angel for your wonderful work.

  28. Katrina Hall says:


  29. Thank you for sharing this TRUTH and ITS BLESINGS to all that experience it. WE ARE ONE, in the GREAT I AM PRESENCE.

  30. I just want to say, I love you and thank you.

  31. I thank you Patricia, I recently learned, accepted and invited the concept of Father God/Mother God into the wisdom of my understanding and my divinity. It seems, since I have done that my blissfulness and love and joy for all people and things have increased. In my studying the scriptures has led me to believe that God's love for humanity will one day cause the light/love and grace that Jesus brought to the earth to change man's mind about the love Almighty God has given man. That it will eventual cause all men to change their minds toward God's eternal plans for man destiny. The plan of the activation of all man's solar light bodies is an example of my understanding. I bless the Lord for the gift of wisdom He has given you. Your Sister in Christ

  32. martouk53 says:

    Lots of divine dogma, no cognitive progress, all wishful thinking. If anyone is genuinely interested in understanding spirit and advanced consciousness I can't recommend highly enough The Evolution of Consciousness series of books by Endall Beall. I found these books on Amazon and have never found anything that provides such profound explanations, tools and revelations about advancing consciousness, and none of it contains and ounce of mystical bullshit. If you are genuinely interested in understanding spiritual advancement without all this new age bullshit hype, you should really read these books.

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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