Accessories Galore! Night’s Edge! A Trip To Hell! || Terraria Co-Op Survival [Episode 8]

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22 Comments on "Accessories Galore! Night’s Edge! A Trip To Hell! || Terraria Co-Op Survival [Episode 8]"

  1. Billy Bob says:

    Is vin English USA

  2. I was gonna get the life Crystal but then I got high

  3. Mopay_ 111 says:

    You know you skip a life crystal

  4. Jose Otuafi says:

    Dude you missed like 2 or three hearts

  5. i have a star cannon

  6. Derick Mack says:

    who don't you use auto mine

  7. maxxy_man says:


    im a boy :3

  8. you missed a heart Python! XD i was waiting for an annotation like in your warrior play through

  9. What dose vin mean a voodoo bitch ?

  10. I remember farming for a diving helmet just to mine hellstone.

  11. hey guys i found that if you have alot o explosives you can kill da wall o flesh

  12. Yeah you literaly said HELL yeah

  13. Memelution says:

    Once something annoying happened to me in terraria…

    I got legendary when I crafted a sword…

    The problem is it was a copper shortsword ._.

  14. "Mix it with the….what is it? Banes edge? Nights edge thats what is it to make the nights edge" lol

  15. Steven Xie says:

    lol it's fine ~bat enthusiast

  16. Brendan Leo says:

    i have a test tommorow but i'm still watching this when its late because i can write fast and thinking about fun stuff i like (Python's videos) makes me more consentrated

  17. 4:53 prepare for splat… having the horseshoe in social shouldn't protect you from fall damage, because it doesn't for me.

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