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A presentation of Parans

Get a fuller presentation of Parans’ technology, products and the benefits of bringing more sunlight into our buildings.


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5 Comments on "A presentation of Parans"

  1. Pompelipom33 says:

    Detta är helt klart framtiden. Skulle gärna installerat detta om jag haft villa.

  2. These days people are afraid of skin cancer, even more so than cataracts. So why would we want natural sunlight with its UV? Do you have the statistics of how much UV is transmitted through these solar lighting system? Are these UV within safe levels? How much UV is transmitted compared to the UV found in artificial lighting (which is very minimal)?

  3. David Kamraj says:

    i like to use at my house, its possible in INDIA? how much it cost?

  4. Where can we find out pricing info?

  5. where to look for it in delhi in india

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