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A Modest Proposal for Green Energy

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In 1729, Jonathan Swift sarcastically called for the eating of the young, so they could feed the Irish poor. He would be glad to know that we are in a progressive era, where the murder of babies for use as a resource wouldn’t be tolerated…oh wait…in the UK, they are using aborted fetuses to heat their hospitals?!?!? Join Bill Whittle as he analyzes this atrocity, in this episode of Afterburner.


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39 Comments on "A Modest Proposal for Green Energy"

  1. Malacophile says:

    They're not babies. They're not even people- only potential people. They're fetuses incapable of surviving if not attached to the inside of a woman- who is actually a person with the right to bodily autonomy, which trumps any perceived right to life a fetus might have. Fetuses are not sentient, possess no emotion, have forged no relationships, possess no self-awareness and have no free will.

    I always like to give pro-lifers, who are really only pro-birth-by-force, the following proposition:

    Pass a law that makes it legal to take organs, blood and tissues from healthy people by force to give to those who will die without transplants or transfusions. After all, the sick have a right to life, too! Or if someone causes a car accident that puts the other driver in a coma or renders them in need of life support, force the at-fault driver to lie in a hospital alongside the other person, and hook them to one another via tubes so the at-fault driver's body can be used to oxygenate and filter the blood of the victim.

    If you're at all sane and rational, you are vehemently against those proposals. Such ideas would be morally and ethically reprehensible because they're a blatant violation of someone else's right to their own bodily autonomy, and nobody has the right to make use of another person's body without consent, under any circumstances. And those proposals are dealing with actual thinking, feeling people. Not fetuses. Certainly not fetuses that are well within the legal termination period.

    If you disagree with those proposals, you're not pro-life. You're just in favor of forcing women to be pregnant and give birth against their will.

    Oh, and Bill- do you really think that, if two people in a relationship take every reasonable precaution but an unwanted pregnancy occurs, the woman (it's always the woman's job, isn't it?) is still irresponsible and promiscuous? Really? And are you really insinuating that the woman should be forced by law to birth a child she may not want or may not even be able to afford?

    And don't insult my intelligence by saying, "don't have sex". It's unreasonable, unrealistic and irrational to expect two people in a relationship to never have sex if the woman doesn't want to get pregnant. Or are you one of those people who thinks that people shouldn't even be in a relationship unless they want children? Because that's just not even sane.

    And this, good sir, is coming from a staunch Libertarian who is fairly far to the right on most topics. I believe that a woman's body and whatever is growing in it is her business and hers alone, that the government has zero place in such things as abortion, and that your religiously-fueled views need to stay in your own life and out of the lives of others.

    I love most of your other material, Bill. But this video and the nonsense you spout has caused me to lose a considerable amount of respect for you.

  2. Lena Dunham produces nothing now, no reason to believe she would produce anything as a fuel either… So, yes!  Burn her.  NO downside I can see.

  3. OK, so when do we get to burn Lena to find out her BTU value

  4. coilltin says:

    "NHS shovelled dead babies into furnace to heat their buildings..".methinks Whittle is reaching out to the dregs….you really are a toxic little prick Mr.Whittle…and you could be so much better because you have the skills….did your mammy drop you into a 'pre-wash delicates @60 degrees' when you were a Whittling?

  5. Murray Rothbard, the founder of modern American Libertarianism, says in his book 'The Ethics of Liberty' that, and I quote, "the parent should not have a legal obligation to feed, clothe, or educate his children, since such obligations would entail positive acts coerced upon the parent and depriving the parent of his rights." Essentially, he argues that a parent should be allowed to let his child starve to death because caring for the child takes away his capitalist Libertarian right to do whatever he wants whenever he wants and screw everyone else.

    I guess the tragedy Bill is talking about here would be on par with that right?

  6. Patriot Jay says:

    Jefferson was a republican if he was alive today he would most likely however be a libertarian, or a constitutionalist/constitution party.

  7. Instances of UK hospitals "using dead babies as fuel" are exponentially less than instances of American teenagers taking guns to school and violently stealing what people forget is extremely precious life.
    So feel free to call Europe "baby burners" but allow me to retort by somewhat more justifiably calling Americans "student murderers" and "precious life stealers", for that is most certainly what you all are. Right?

  8. Seth Pomeroy says:

    Yes! Please burn Lena Dunham for green energy. I would love it very much. Everybody knows the best energy comes from Lena Dunham's fat ass roasting in an incinerator.

  9. Okay,
    1. The NHS provides free-at-the-point-of-delivery health care to millions of people unlike the US who have decided that only the rich should be able to have expensive and life-saving treatment.
    2. I apoligise for the UK not being bible-bashing and actually being liberal on the topic of abortion, its the mother's choice not Gods or yours.
    3. Sorry for using medical waste to create energy to power hospitals that save lives, how horrible of the UK (sarcastic).
    3. Mr Whittle, more like Mr Ignorant, nobodies drinking plant water, the US is not paradise and socialist ideas do not mean communism.

  10. Something that might help further can be seen in the video "Hey Bill Nye, "Are You For or Against Fracking?"" It is really informing about possible new ways of energy that can really help everyone. Bill Nye is one of the leading scientific voices and a huge voice for the new generation of voters that watched his videos in school and are very fond of him. 

  11. galaxiesaver says:

    But what if the parent agrees that it is ok to incinerate a DEAD baby? Why not use the energy from the cremation for the hospital?

  12. Puglous says:

    According to liberals, it's more important whether a child lives 40X better than the average Sri Lankan or 30X better than the average Sri Lankan than whether it lives at all.  That's how decadent and materialistic they've made our culture.

    Liberals are scum.  Period.

  13. Why the snarky dig at vegans? The moral arguments for veganism are hard to rebut and have yet to be rebutted by a high profile ethics philosopher.

    99% of the time Bill Whittle rocks but when he talks about animal rights, Israel, or Christianity his analysis is one sided

  14. HaloGamer401 says:

    Get 'em bill!

  15. Qarlo says:

    You are standing in the way of progress in ending world hunger!  If people listen to you, soylent green may never come about!  Hateful, just hateful.

  16. i dont see whats wrong with this at all its macabre but its also pretty clever 

  17. Bill's sarcasm makes the point like no other! Thanks Bill. 

  18. Nora Dee says:

    A thousand years from now if human civilization still exists, they will look back at our culture as barbaric baby killers, who eat and burn babies for fuel.


  20. Astrochronic says:

    I love how he made a fat joke at the end.  Hilarious.

  21. valkaek says:

    This is fucking ridiculous.  What do you want to do with the fetuses?  Strap them to balloons and parade them around the city?  You want to send them home with the parents in a jar?  Do you want them to be buried in a mass grave out back so animals dig them up?  How about we make coffins for every single fetus that is aborted?

  22. Crematories do the same thing because why waste money on expensive heating when you've got a permanent furnace that can heat the whole building. We value death in different ways but at the end of the day they are dead bodies that need to be disposed of somehow.  

  23. Jerry Mungo says:

    This fat, infatuous, moral pigmy, and intellectual imbicile.  LOL that was a fantastic description of that insulting troll.  Excellent!   

  24. bigraviolees says:

    Maybe they should bury them huh Bill? But of course that would mean money to make it happen in which case you say wohhhh wait a sec, never mind my head was just up my ass as I posed to my base of drooling morons to rile them up about babies so they vote to appease the wealthy ass kissing GOP

  25. What an evil generation we are living. Our Western Civilization is not merely dying. It is dead, the corpse has simply not yet ceased to twitch.

  26. MelvinThe42 says:

    How is Obama similar to the witch burners if he wants to protect surviving fetuses?

  27. MelvinThe42 says:

    Were they using surviving fetuses? If not, what's the problem?


  29. Question for bill why have the treasonous oath breakers not been arrested why can some one tell me why they are above the the law they seem to implement ?And what makes obama above the law or eric holder these CRIMINALS are not above the law so why are they not in jail why please answer this question Bill W. I Think this is very important we have to hold these people to there oaths of office the founding fathers were aware of the dangers of the treasonous criminals thats why they take the oath

  30. Bill, this is definitely one of your best videos yet. It may not be addressing hot-button national issues and it may not contain the best arguments you've made but it is fabulously written. Great job!

  31. 18122436 says:

    Ahh ain't liberal life grand, and so valuable too. You can turn it into heat, or a cash cow from the government. 

  32. Monsuco says:

    Contrary to what liberals assert, there are countries in this world apart from America that don't use socialized medicine. I'd argue the best system in the world as far as cost-benefit is that of Singapore where individuals use private healthcare 401(k)'s to pay for their care. Their cost are extremely low, their life expectancies are high and infant mortality is very low.

    C-SPAN occasionally shows "question hour", an hour long segment the UK's parliament has every week in which the opposition party (currently Labour) taunts the incumbent Prime Minister (currently Tory Party leader David Cameron). I've yet to see them get through a question hour without bringing up some appalling story about something the NHS did that particular week. It's not the party in power or the recession, this tradition was also in place during Tony Blair's Labour Prime Ministership.

    As best I can tell, our British friends believe two things about their NHS:
    1. The NHS is great and they'd all die without it.
    2. The NHS is a trainwreck right now but will be fixed some day. 

  33. rogerwilco99 says:

    "Fat and fatuous"? Bill, I thought ad hominem attacks were beneath you.

  34. Nazi Satanism is Islamo-Nazism.
    Abortion is human sacrifice.
    KKK Libscum are witches.

  35. Being upset with abortion is understandable, but burning their remains is no different if you get electricity as a result or not. This is just an incendiary story which gets more attention than it deserves.

  36. this is an outrage! and a few isolated incidents only, and a sternly worded letter has been issued, and nothing like this will ever ever happen again… until it does.

  37. Nazi Satanist KKK Libtards are a Nazi UFO cult.
    UFO nut Harry KKK Truman brought Nazis here to work on rocketry and mind control.
    The only guy to use nukes.

  38. Libs are pedophiles and necophiles and cannibals.
     I'm not surprised at all that they believe in soylent green heat.

  39. No Zo, Thank you!

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