6v 7w portable solar charger camping solar panel review.wmv

portable USB {solar lights} recharger. Charge mobile devises by plugging into the sun.


{solar lights} & Wind EBooks
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4 Comments on "6v 7w portable solar charger camping solar panel review.wmv"

  1. murfie121 says:

    Cool video, I am looking for a good solar charger for my tablet, and phone.
    I alos liked the video about those Two way radios.

  2. sudilos117 says:

    Newegg flash today $25 its hard to pass up! Don't camp? Rare shtf scenario? Can use for airsoft if you parker far away from staging area. Outdoor shooting range, only cig outlet is occupied no problems!

  3. I'm from the US so I don't know but apparently in the UK their hotel rooms don't have power because why else would you have to hang the solar panel off in your balcony to charge your battery when there's a plug-in not 15 feet away the UK's a strange place people LOL

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