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6 Blade Wind Turbine Hub & 3 Raptor Generation 4 Blades Upgrade Kit

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Create a custom {solar lights} using quality Missouri Wind components.
This kit comes with 3 – Raptor G4 {solar lights} blades and a bare steel {solar lights}hub that will support up to six blades. Please note that 3 blade setups are for high winds!

Made to withstand extreme sun, heat and sub-zero temps. High speed, high efficiency, economical and durable

Generation 4 Blade Specifications:
Manufactured in Missouri
Perfectly balanced
Resistant to ultraviolet light
Clockwise rotation
Each blade is 29″ long
Blade base is 6″ wide
Blade tip is 1 1/8″ wide
Blades weigh approximately 1 pound each
12 month manufacturer warranty for quality and workmanship

6-Blade Hub Specifications:
6 ¾” diameter, 3/16″ thick
Laser cut, perfectly balanced, will not bend
17 mm hub center fits most older GM/si type alternators
Mounting holes are .245″ with .930″ hole center spacing
¼” bolt holes are 15/16″ center to center
Hub comes unpaintedPefectly Balanced Raptor Generation 4 Blades
Will not crack or degrade
Raptor Generation 4 {solar lights}Blades are resistant to ultraviolet light
Laser cut steel hub
17 mm center hub

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