4000 Watt AIMS Power Inverter Solar Panels Wind Turbine Setup Part 2 – Off-Grid w Grid-Tie Failover

4000 Watt AIMS Power Inverter {solar lights} {solar lights}Setup Part 2 – Off-Grid with Grid-Tie Failover Capability

I designed and built this as an off-grid capability with a grid-tie failover. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

AIMS Power 24v 4000 Watt Low Frequency Pure Sine Inverter
550 Watt DC {solar lights}
2x 300 Watt Chinese {solar lights}
4x 230 Watt Canadian {solar lights}
6x Deep Cycle Motorhome Batteries with 115 amp hours each

NOTE: The AC backhaul mentioned here is also used to fast-charge the batteries when the generator is plugged into the main house AC transfer switch. I forgot to mention this part in the video 🙂


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8 Comments on "4000 Watt AIMS Power Inverter Solar Panels Wind Turbine Setup Part 2 – Off-Grid w Grid-Tie Failover"

  1. volcimaster says:

    curious – why not mount the solar panels to the roof?

  2. John Sellers says:

    Jack the turbine up higher! winds tend to stay up high on the wrong side of the hill

  3. Great setup.Planning to incorporate solar into my inverter system too.

  4. Willem Budde says:

    Nice setup Mark, i understand your frustration, but you Wind Turbine, need more altitude more likely 100Ft if you have build up some money ask a turbine installer to replace the mast for a bigger 100ft mast, it will work, make sure if the turbine installer just check the wind turbine, like grease up or something or replace a ball bearing, before they walked off the property…

  5. Jamich ponce says:

    thanks for showing how to set this up.. I got problems with my set up, so this video is a great help..

  6. Dr. Ripper says:

    double filming lol. nice set up. well thought out

  7. I agree with Jack Sellers on the wind turbine. The rule of thumb is to mount a wind turbine 30 feet above any obstruction within 300 yards of it. It should produce better for you if you raise it up. Also the higher up off the ground you go the higher the wind will be to a point.

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