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400 watt Solar System Install in Bug Out Van | Part 5

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400 Watt Bendable Solar Panels System Install on Bug Out Van.
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25 Comments on "400 watt Solar System Install in Bug Out Van | Part 5"

  1. Billy Shea says:

    when you sleep in the van where do you keep the bike so no one would mess with it??
    next to the van ?

  2. so you probably spent well over $1200 on this solar install right?

  3. 🙁 I have no clue about any of that other than how to press power on the tv. I'm a artist so far from this world. Wow i think you are amazing . i will figure things out and make my dream get away van and i will keep you updated. Keyonna Davis of columbia sc

  4. do you have your batteries connected to your alternator too?

  5. Corvus Cielo says:

    Hey Cycle, What did you use for adhesive to stick the panels to the roof?

  6. mike surline says:

    Looking to do about the same set up. How many amps do you draw, and how long can you run all your electronics at night?

  7. CycleCruza says:

    FYI – Total cost to build this bug out van revealed here: https://youtu.be/RN5d-NQdqys

  8. Carnerd101 says:

    Thumbs up for Wave Race 64!

  9. holy shit talk about gaming otg

  10. Really good job on everything. Hands down one of the best builds on YT.

  11. Rick S. says:

    GREAT & INFORMATIVE videos, also easy to follow …. Much appreciated !!

  12. advice shit can the fuse and go for a circuit breaker they are much better. I had a 100 amp fuse holder melt I wasn't even using the full power .

  13. I don't want no damn link just come install it for me . lol looks great buddy

  14. ToxiC BikEr says:

    you can grow weed in there xD

  15. first Last says:

    how much does that complete solar setup cost?

  16. Cycle Cruza got skills!

  17. Shea Onstott says:

    A lot of wasted money. I would recommend Golf Cart batteries and standard 100w mono panels. Also, you don't need the MPPT controller with a system like this. You can buy a system with more power than this for $1,000. Live and learn though.

  18. EdPetrol says:

    Great video! Quick question. Why did you use a 40 amp charge controller and not a 20 amp charge controller? I would think a 20 amp would have been sufficient, but admit i'm fairly new to this stuff. Thanks for your time!

  19. Gary West says:

    What adhesive did you use to stick the solar panels to the roof?

  20. lol, I was watching something about Omaha Beach and German and there is this guy with hands like you oh gosh I've watched this video so many times I think about you. CycleCruza's, thanks for your helpful vids, man :)

  21. pavel bychik says:

    adhesive is not the way to go

  22. Bj Croz says:

    I wonder, how they hold up to hail…have you encountered any hail on your adventures yet?

  23. Yummo Can says:

    best walk through of the dozens of these set ups I've watched! thanks!

  24. Dminer says:

    Yo if i was interested in buying the van how much would it be

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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