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235watt Canadian Solar Panels

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Excited to share that I am the Pround Owner of some New to ma Canadian Solar Panels. Headed out to a small town in Nebraska to look at some used Solar Panels. I tested each one with a Volt meter and they tested Great!!! Open voltage was around 36v and short circuit current was just above 6 amps. YAY!!!

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The Anderson Connectors are here
The #6 Wire on ebay is here
Foxnovo F-4S I use to Discharge and Capacity check
Tp4056s I get are here
Need a heat gun
Heat Shrink I use now is here
Solder can be found here
.5A Axial Fast Glass Fuse

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34 Comments on "235watt Canadian Solar Panels"

  1. Tim Cooper says:

    Paneltastic mate 🙂

  2. Nice haul, I wish I could get used panels that cheap in NYC 😫

  3. .Congratulations man.. You deserve it…Bet you can't wait to see your return on that hard earned money…nothing like getting 6 steps ahead in life…GREAT investment, you got a great deal if you ask me….deals on panels are hard to find @ a good price…Plus good charge controllers rarely ever go on sale…Classic washing the panels….you sould call some solar companies and promote it for an mondern day commercial…lol. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK..peace

  4. bigsmile542 says:

    great deal, be real protective of them, they break very easy.. I broke one of mine in storage..

  5. Danny Jul says:

    Congratulations on the panels they look good.

  6. bolapara says:

    Joe, 235W Canadian is only 182W U.S.

  7. FERCSA says:

    Good catch! How much solar power you got now with the old panels together? Anyway you should buy moreeee! Until you can.

  8. cool haul, great deal! at 42.5 cents a watt! am in thika– kenya i got some panels for 55 cents a watt but mine were new "old stock"". currently collecting batteries and waiting on tp4046's and discharger modules … first kenyan power wall !

  9. That's a great score at 100$ a panel, well spotted! 🙂

  10. emceh says:

    Do you plan to build solar tracker for those?

  11. Thomas Cruz says:

    ive seen panels in houston for 33 cents a watt but you have to buy a container full

  12. Thomas Cruz says:

    bah, 96 aint nuttin. i got pictures in Bagdad of 132 in shade

  13. Russell Holt says:

    wow! i've been looking @ Canadian Solar panels – want to make my 1st jump into this solar arena. what a great buy! looking forward to continued vids on this.
    Russ from Coral Springs, Florida, USA

  14. jimginnyohio says:

    Great score! I'm picking up a dozen panels next week myself. I found some new 255 watt panels for $140 each. I'm excited too!

  15. dude that is a awesome find you got there. for that price I wouldn't turn it down. I really wish I can be at the love shows but I be out of town for the next two week 😣

  16. ty harding says:

    Great vid dude! Nice to see some outside action
    Enjoying the journey.
    Panels go for about $50Aus on eBay here regularly.Looking forward to an Australian time live feed.
    Half as many as Petes but twice as hard to catch due to time 🙂

  17. Alaa Sadek says:

    You do not need a charge controller

  18. That's sweet man. Second hand panels are the shiz. Love your enthusiasm

  19. check for Hotspots and snail tracks… 👍

  20. by the way congrats for getting panel's and hope it goes everything well…. 👍

  21. pcm 60 x is probably the best option….👍👍

  22. and makeskyblue is cheap like 150$….

  23. everything else is not worth the price or crapp…

  24. Nice one AJ!
    Looking forward to seeing how you decide to hook them up.
    (and yes, you do need a charge controller! )

  25. fred says:

    hi AJ , What kind of glue are you using to glue the battery holder

  26. fred says:

    Brand new second Hand ! very good

  27. Gene says:

    You want to hear something crazy? I bought 8 panels from the same guy!!!!

  28. HBPowerwall says:

    Playing catchup.. good score!

  29. Would love to build a solar powered 18650 power wall and find your videos fascinating. Not sure what charge controller to opt for though nor what is and what is not suitable for charging 18650's. At a guess you've a video that explains this though. Keep up the great videos.

  30. so how many were putting out while you were cleaning them hahahah cool, what roof do you plan to set them up on? remember panels HATE HOT/HEAT without air flow on the back sides, just saying, Joseph T

  31. Mark Evans says:

    love your sense of humor man! I use RO water to rinse our 4kw array here in the UK, after cleaning with dish soap, prevents the mineral diposits! Have you ever thought about adding a reflector under the array to direct more light onto it?

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again


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