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20 Watt Do-it-Yourself Solar Energy Starter Kit

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Our 20 Watt {solar lights} kit for do-it-yourselfers. Includes all the parts to build your own system to {solar lights} lights, radios, laptop computer, fan, small tv and lots more. Includes an inverter to power AC devices.

We’ve made it very easy to put together with complete instructions.

20 Watt {solar lights}
SunGuard 4 amp charge controller
32 amp-hour sealed battery
Go Power! 175 Watt DC to AC power inverter
Voltage meter
12V DC outlet with fuse
What could you power?

If the 20 watt {solar lights} received 5 hours per day of full sun, then you would have:
1.2 amps (20W panel) X 5 hrs sun = 6 amp-hours/day
6 X 12V = 72 watt-hours per day.

If you were using a 15 watt 12V compact fluorescent bulb then you could light the bulb for 4+ hours with the energy you produced that day.

But you have a battery! Since the battery holds 32 amp-hours or over 350 watt-hours of energy, you could light the light for 12+ hours before you need a charge, but it’s better to charge it sooner.

You get the idea – the sun puts watt-hours into your battery and then you use it to power stuff that uses watt-hours. Energy in, energy out.

The charge controller prevents the 12V sealed lead-acid battery from over-charging, the inverter converts the 12V DC to 115V AC (standard household-type power).
Perfect for beginners that want to get started in {solar lights} but don’t know where to begin.

Upgrade available to move up to a Go Power 300 Watt Inverter.

Customize your own system. House the battery and components in a cooler on wheels or build a wooden box. Cut a hole and mount the panel voltage meter, and weatherproof with silicone sealant from the hardware store.

Makes a great demonstration system to show how a basic {solar lights} energy system works.Kit, {solar lights} energy, do-it-yourself, 20 Watt^ This listing is for Each

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