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18 Unbelievable Concept Yachts

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Here are the top 18 most amazing concept yachts you won’t believe only the rich will be able to buy these extreme super-yachts!

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# 10 Astondoa Top Deck 51
The Top Deck 51 is the creative project from designer Luiz de Basto. This design reportedly received a lot of flack because of criticism that it would not be safe and would not float. Water would get into that lower deck and cause the ship to sink. However de Basto insists that while the lower deck looks like it would be exposed to the water, it’s actually watertight.

# 9 55M X-Easy
This is the 55M X-Easy, a concept from Pastrovich Studio in Monaco, which is known for their edgy, extreme, and futuristic concept designs. The 55M X-Easy concept yacht is different from their usual futuristic fanfare. It is designed to be “intentionally understated” aiming for a less extreme yacht design. It’s small and encourages a fun time for a family. While it’s 180 feet long, it only requires a nine-man crew to run which is a much smaller crew than most boats of that size.

# 8 124 Global Fish
Naval architect Ward Setzer believes that bigger isn’t always better and applied that principle to this sporting yacht which is called the 124 Global Fish. It’s named after the fact that the boat is exactly 124 feet long, which is big and fast enough for sports fishers to catch big game fish but not any bigger than it needs to be. While it’s built to be a sporty speeder, it can also be used as just a luxury vessel.

# 7 Migaloo Submersible Yacht
An Austria-based design firm called Motion Code: Blue released renderings of a concept of what would be the world’s first submersible private yacht. This is the Migaloo, which is a private luxury yacht that would also be a private submersible. It’s perfect for the yachter who wants to see the underwater world or for the celebrity who needs to get away from prying eyes.

# 6 Ikkar Transforming Yacht
French designer Julien Anglade came up with this Ikkar Transforming Yacht, a ship that can cruise in compact form and then transform into a giant superyacht. After it opens up, it can accommodate 50 passengers in super comfortable luxury with a crew of 60.

# 5 Wally Hermes Yacht
This is the Wally Hermes model from the design firm known as Why-Yachts. It is meant to fulfill that fantasy we all have at one point or another to escape to an island and live alone in the sea. The Wally is designed to physically remind you of the shape of an island and let you roam free through the ocean. It is 58 meters long, 38 meters wide, and has enough area to comfortably house 12 passengers and 20 crew members.

# 4 Picchio Boat
This is the Picchio Boat, from designer Christian Grande who has designed more than 100 yachts for Italian clientele. This is one of his more daring designs which actually changes the design of the interior with the environment it is sailing through. See-through areas of the ship turn into live aquariums or observatories of the sea. These glass underwater hulls are built with two industrial strength layers and steel hull structures that guarantee structural stability. Just in case, two steel flaps will lower and cover those glass walls, just for peace of mind in potentially rough waters.

# 3 Orsos Island
Designing yachts to look and feel like islands is definitely not a new concept, but it takes that idea into something that might possibly be achievable. Yachts are generally viewed as a luxury that aren’t exactly necessary or self-sustaining, but this boat by Orsos Island GmbH challenges that. It’s a 10,000 square foot yacht that provides you and your close friends with a secluded getaway from it all. It comes with solar panels to generate eco-friendly energy.

# 2 Azzam Super Yacht
This is the world’s largest yacht, the Azzam. Unlike most of the ships on this list, the Azzam is not just a concept but a real life yacht. Its design concept was to be the largest yacht in the world. It’s a 590-foot yacht which eclipsed the original largest yacht in the world called the Voss Eclipse. Reports say that the Azzam cost 620 million dollars to build and took 28 months to construct. While the other concept ships have some sort of extreme quirk, the Azzam’s concept really is just to be large. Otherwise, it was designed to be timeless and sensible.

# 1 Glider XD18
The Glider XD18 is the brainchild of Captain Robert McCall who became aware of the limitations of his boat after trying to pilot through massive waves and tight rows. McCall wanted a ship that could expertly navigate those extreme conditions of the ocean, so he spent eight years and thousands of hours of design, structural analysis, and wind tunnel testing to create XD18. The 60-foot ship has an above-water cockpit and two blades with superior fuel efficiency than other ships its size.


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41 Comments on "18 Unbelievable Concept Yachts"

  1. these are nice yachts.

  2. tomitstube says:

    you kill the 18 people who buy these yachts, and the world gets 100% better for everyone else in it.  not to mention the planet.  fair trade off if you ask me.

  3. some of these boats are fugly :P

  4. Kim Bratton says:

    wow, they look stunning.

  5. Nikola Golic says:

    whole my life i wait for the moment when my parents will say me we are very rich all these year we were simulating poornes(hehe u read that wrong)

  6. Mitch Hale says:

    I do not believe in noah's ark. or jesus.

  7. and not a single thing to repel Somali pirates.

  8. Eggy Chua says:

    i like the 14th one

  9. Eggy Chua says:

    and the 13th one

  10. i have been on the Modern ark

  11. #2 is the next titanic

  12. Cousins Club says:

    These all look like alien tech from Max steel

  13. SIG442 says:

    0:32 Tthe base is actually a metal pontoon, which makes the claim of it being a yacht insanity. Dragging that across the ocean will proof to be suicide since a typical Dutch pontoon is almost flat on the bottom side, which makes it top heavy and thus easy to tip over. Aside from that, there is no engine at all in this thing or any other way to move it forward. There for it needs to be towed from location to location. This makes it a pontoon with some wood on top of it, not a yacht.

    1:43 This will likely roll to the left side and then capsize, it is too heavy on the left side making it also easy to roll over. This also does not qualify as yacht but more a floating city or at best a cruise-liner if you stretch the definition.
    Read the definition here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yacht
    What a real Dutch yacht would have looked like when the term was first used for ships:

    2:50 That looks more like a oil platform then even getting close to a yacht. 3:15 Again not a yacht, it has nothing that could even remotely be hinting to the term 'yacht'. 5:03 A submarine is not considered a yacht, no matter how fancy you make it look. 5:44 A floating island is not a yacht (also counts for 6:48) , 6:10 nor is a catamaran a yacht (same for 7:54)

    Please make sure you guys actually learn what a term is before using it. This video only showed a few possible yachts and the rest is not even close.

  14. Ryan Sami says:

    No.2 kinda looks like the yacht in gta 5.

  15. Jaebez Bleah says:

    1:14 For just 25,000,000?! This guy talks about it like we can get it for a low price at the freakin thrift store!

  16. you forget the 'wave piercer'

  17. Amer Qadan says:

    I wish I could go on the best one it would be a dream for all of us

  18. I'm a really rich but not that rich 😂

  19. at 153 it has to be a joke

  20. good thing I am rich

  21. John Lincoln says:

    I have 100000 dollers

  22. Adam Taurus says:

    so the last one is just to skis with a seat

  23. Finn Kennedy says:

    Yay circle yachts!!

  24. Some really awesome… some just have me like "but why tho?"

  25. Um #1 is not a yacht 🎥 fail

  26. Is this for future?

  27. Martin Bán says:

    why im so poor af..

  28. Noa Morin says:

    Identity run relate no bottle right sound rocket without.

  29. Yachts?! Some of these are practically cruise ships!

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