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16 LED Super Bight Waterproof Solar Powered Motion

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Let me say upfront that I was sent one for free to review. It will not effect my review.
This is a great solar motion light. The price is great. I was not expecting it to be built so well for the price. That was the biggest shock.
It has a metal body and they say it is waterproof and “heatproof.” I live in Texas we will find out about the heatproof. It is August here now.
It is solar powered. If it is day light the light is off. When it gets dark the light comes on in dim mode. If there is any motion it goes to BRIGHT mode.
I was surprised how bright it was and I guess that is because of the 15 LED lights.
I first set it up inside the apartment in a window. It was in the dinning room. They recommend no glass in front of the solar cells. But I had it inside the apartment. The motion detector worked great. Soon as I walked into the living room it would go to bright mode.
I just put it out said on my patio now.
It is working great.
I guess it will take time to tell just how waterproof and heatproof it is and how long the built in battery will last.

“Three Lighting modes: Off/Dim/Bright; Off during the daytime; Dim light and Bright light is switched by PIR to save power at night, i.e, Dim light at night time to save power, but will be switched to Bright light for about 30 seconds if PIR motion sensor is activated. The motion-sensing light is triggered when someone or something enters its 3-5 meters range within a 120 degree sensing angle.”

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14 Comments on "16 LED Super Bight Waterproof Solar Powered Motion"

  1. Really like this Leds Jim nice!

  2. Really like this Leds Jim nice!

  3. Nice job. Question, what brand is it??

  4. Thank you so much for your time. I just ordered 3 of them from Amaxlzon. GOD BLESS YOU!

  5. Awesome review my man! I just saw these on Amazon and thought these would be perfect to just put around my house where darkness is full [ walkways mostly.] And I thought with the cheaper price.. it was too good to be true?.. but after seeing it on your video.. I'm going to purchase a couple :] thank you for your time!

  6. nimitta1 says:

    Great video! Thanks! Great demonstration! 

  7. Nice video Jim. Very usseful 

  8. Ai Sara says:

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  9. PatMov says:

    I have one, it looks good, but motion sensor is so cheap.

  10. thanks for the video am going to purchase been indecisive but after seeing your video am convinced.
    thanks again

  11. Colin Faed says:

    I've had one of these outside since January this year (it is October now). It works well, but I wish it didn't stay on all night in the dim mode. This is because in the winter the batteries do not fully charge during the day and the dim mode flattens them. This where another feature kicks in. Once the batteries get very low, the unit turns itself off and you have to reset it with the pin before it will start working again. Apart from that, it's pretty good. It cost me £8.98

  12. glitzygirl05 says:

    This is extremely helpful thank you!!!!!!!!! Have an amazing day!!!!!

  13. How would you change the lcd once it burns out?

  14. chrisevv98 says:

    I just ordered one for $5 it seems like a nifty little gadget 🙂 awesome review. Thanks.

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