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$150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home (downloadable plans)

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Paul Elkins fell for micro-camping in 2002 when he toured the country in his cabover “stealth camper”. Sure he could make something more affordable, this year …


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50 Comments on "$150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home (downloadable plans)"

  1. Sean Murphy says:

    Now he just needs to make a larger one with the bike built into it rather than being pulled behind. Maybe even use solar and battery for pedal assist with a switch to charge batteries while coasting downhill.

  2. So as one who managed to live for 6 months out of a secluded stealth tent set up because I moved to Copenhagen Denmark to play jazz. I now live in a camper with a dog and cat.Let me say that solid walls even coroplast is better. This man is proof that inovation imagination and community is the engine that will help us over the big hump looming in our collective future.

  3. Yeah me too, had subscribed to his channel a few years ago here is an innovator working out ideas that those without means can manage .

  4. Anna Miller says:

    Why don't you patent that and sell it.This would be a good thing. Alot of people would like that in case something happens where you couldn't use your car to leave out of the cities. I would buy one NICE

  5. I will bet there are any number of homeless people who would absolutely love to have one of these! Has he thought of actually donating them to someone who would be beyond thrilled to have it?

  6. Lovley Jaine says:

    what a creative person

  7. Big Foot says:

    I would love to hot box that thing

  8. How much 4 one of those

  9. looks like something from a tim burton movie.

  10. Jeremy Yager says:

    Exactly what i was looking for very practical and safe for the environment well for the most part poverty and simplicity

  11. Jeremy Yager says:

    Wow imma try this hahaha

  12. Fred Bundy says:

    "you can travel around the country…" smh

  13. Obama says:

    shit get a bicycle with a little motor and you got a camper going 30mph

  14. Is this Zombie proof? I mean I don't see a machine gun turret to defend ones self from a zombie attack. I'd feel unsafe this .

  15. john miller says:

    BADASS 👍 maybe this would be good for the homeless 🤔

  16. Where does he hide the medicinal weed

  17. don cahooti says:

    use DC for everything . lose the INVERTER. get a DC-DC
    voltage converter to convert
    panel voltage to 12 VOLTS DC.. built " tesla " type battery bank from soldered together 18650 batteries just like the car uses .
    use a RIM DRIVE MOTOR-
    magnets of motor are in rim ! MUCH more efficient !
    Use oil / heat / UV resistant wire – very tough – used under car engine hoods..
    ( batteries can be had with or without current limiting , have temperature cut offs)

  18. Léo chey says:

    Hello first of all excuse me for writing but I am writing with google translation. How did you make the wooden structure and how did you fix the wheels? Thank you for your reply.

  19. Great way to help homeless but sadly nobody will build this for homeless

  20. Maceo D says:

    how can i purchase one

  21. Amazing kool😎👍

  22. Caligreen420 says:

    Sell these my dude !

  23. Asaf KHAN says:

    I hate cramped places. Clearly not a thing for me to try……..

  24. Uphill must be a struggle..

  25. There ahould be one donated to every homeless person.
    I could live in in with the idea with a little solar and electric bike. I'm not stronh enough to pedal and pull it. I love the ingenuity though!

  26. Top planning, I love the idea. Being a geek – I'd need the internet. Easy done if you tether your mobile (cell phone) to your laptop. But laptop needs power, so the idea of solar power is tops – except the weight of a battery to store power over the day. That battery might be suited under seat of cyclist. Again – love it and the innovation

  27. profnasty says:

    I did this. Comfy but lonely. Being able to stand is a plus. If you can get a fine gal to live like this, G*d bless you.

  28. Cool idea! But how far can you really travel? Will need a very good electric bicycle just to go to the grocery store, Hahahaha.

  29. Eric Prince says:

    I love the idea. However whats stopping anyone from cutting holes in it. Hello police someone's destroying my home. Or someone steals the bike and takes u for a ride. Either way i love the idea but i feel people be tempted to mess it up

  30. Nathan El says:

    Id never camp out in something people could easily move you or kill you in.

  31. nilsvids says:

    Good work but this is not going to last…

  32. Is it legal to ride on the road

  33. Lyrick says:

    I want one but I'm 6'2"

  34. Mr71paul71 says:

    just buy a tent job done

  35. Bring it out for road trip mate

  36. what a lonley man. and lok like a moron whit this helmet ahhaha

  37. djpitr says:

    very nice , i like it ,i thought about using all the signs for roofing material ,i guess your little camper is not waterproof ?
    i see the windows and all the zip tie holes ? so what you do when i rains ?

  38. Put a motor on the bike.

  39. I really like this! I "liked" this video within the first .28 seconds. <3 I still need to actually watch this video in it's entirety though. 🙂

  40. Hal says:

    Nice until you have to go uphill

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