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1 million watt hour 355V SOLAR STORAGE battery

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39 Comments on "1 million watt hour 355V SOLAR STORAGE battery"

  1. I love the guy at the end of this episode. Such a great thinker

  2. ChienPing Yu says:

    I have a client bought thousands of Toyota Camry hybrid dead battery pack back to Taiwan. He swapped lower performance dead Panasonic battery modules inside and re-fresh the battery management chip. And he sell it with four year warranty now.

  3. Sooo
    Both amazing and stupid
    In doing the calculations
    How many of those 25 watt
    2×2 solar panels
    Are you going to have to install on the roof
    in order to reharge batteries supplying voltage to a 3 phase 10 thousand dollar Inverter ??
    You failed to give us the Wattage of…

    That hatted holligan is going to be giving you lots of Free cell phones to charge
    After you rewire the offices for that low voltage lighting
    Might need to do some more serious calculations on the wherehouse manufacturnig Hi Bay lighting 's draw duraton…

    We do like the  comments the unknowing viewers posted
    None so blind as those who can not see

    Hope you are moving close to the facility

    Getting people out of their cars…  is their plan for the future

    Just wondering..  how far will your bicycle ride be to work…

    Come on man….
    You yourself said it is good to get away from Kerosene consumption

    We are not knowing WHAT THAT MEANT

    Head hatted hooligan does not know

    Unless you are driving FORD MODEL A's    around town

    Might want to ask the hooligan
    What Kerosene has to do with  enery…. 

    Camping lamps and coleman camping stoves.. use kerosene…   not gas…

  4. Isac Nilsson…  is like Issac Newton
    One smart mamma jamma

    What we saw here was scam after scam
    These geniuses have the impression
    They are relating  everything energy related to  

                          KEROSEE USAGE

    They are pushing

                                     AGENDA 21…

    Not smooth enough slick talkers

    Will never get off the ground.. 
    Because this is an energy backup system
    Not an alternate grid supply.

    He clearly detailed the sub panel 3 phase is 50 grand NEW
    County nor Edison is not going to ISSUE PERMITS
    This entire project predicated on a used inverter

    The  mad hatter thought he was pretty slick plugging that 5 watt lamp into a battery pack… 
    And then presenting as though it was going to provide lighting
    throughout the building.

    Every second it got more and more stupid

    Who ever they think is going to pay for and approve the
    engineering calculations
    Engineering plans
    And permits….For both the Edison tie in
    Which Edison will have to approve Seperate from the city or county engineers
    as well as the building seondary electrical system
    Someone thinking that will not be

                   COST PROHIBITIVE

    He would be a fool

    These guys are participating in  some sort of covert state planning
    effort to control and limit population expansion, development, by creating laws controlling  sustainability…

    The underhanded intentional efforts to do good for everyone.. and entice someone…  somehow..  as you heard him say…  

                         Free phones and phone serviceThink this through

    Everyone intending to plug in their free phones..  will have to recharge at a recharging station in the wherehouse where the inverter is located.. or throught the building were they will have had to run the low volatge lighting  conversion for the 5 watt facility lighting.




                     BELIEVE ANY OF THIS


                         "  A G E N D A 21  "            

                            IS YOUR FUTURE

  5. S_ S says:

    You are somebody, you are a critical part of the many pieces that are working to make the world a better place. Please keep going.

  6. Ed Reese says:

    What do you think about the Hemp battery that is kicking ass on the lithium ion battery? Hey it is legal to grow there and here in AZ.

  7. Tony Taing says:

    How about do this for us RV peeps who want to go off the grid. I would love a power pack that do more than power a light bulb for an hour:(

  8. masskilla469 says:

    Why does it have to be Cambodia I know tons of hunters that would love this set up for their tents and cabins that are off grid!!

  9. David Niquot says:

    Easyest way of not burning kerosene… simple .. go to bed when night fall, wake up when sun rise => 0 kerosene.

  10. Netbilly says:

    I love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  11. Cyprus Relax says:

    Hi, Thank you for good video and info
    Can you give a link for 7$ solar panels or say where i can buy them in bulk. And what other parts you use with solar lights what kind of battery. I want to help in Africa. Thank

  12. Yeah it's great your trying to help with the power issue but after that we HAVE to end the monetary system,!

  13. Very nice work, love your channel!

  14. thom1218 says:

    7 dollars for a 15 watt poly-Si panel? Who's garbage does this guy think he's got?? Take a look at what those go for on even Ebay. And then a 166Wh Li-ion battery for another handful of dollars??? Something smells, and it looks someone put a hat on it to try to cover it up.

  15. I too am interested in the rural lighting program. I'm eager to see what sort of case will be used to contain the battery and electronics. I'm also interested to see what the delivered cost of each unit will be once delivered to the field. I'm guessing close to $50 per set once market forces have their way, tea money is paid and NGO-style administrative costs are applied. If they can manage to get them in the field for $50 each it would be a major victory for rural electrification considering previous efforts in the past delivered 30W systems for $260. And then I have questions about the long term sustainability of the project. What is the projected failure rate? Assuming an installed base of 100,000 units and an annual failure rate of 1% that means you've got to send replacement parts three time per week out to parts of the world where UPS just don't go. Not to mention the facilities and small staff needed to manage the program.

    Rural electrification is a huge issue across much of southeast asia. None of the questions or points I'm raising should be reasons to say no to such a project. I just would be careful tossing out a bargain basement parts list and trivializing a $5 million dollar project. I've been to Cambodia. I've built and continue to support a school there. Call me an informed optimist.

  16. MrMeowalikat says:

    What are you going to do with those useless magnum inverters?

  17. Jim j says:

    you had me on till the last guy

  18. ben burton says:

    demand response market will be for billions soon. sun and wind some times stops at night….. gas coal nuke still need to smooth load

  19. And you're charging the battery by…..

  20. john3895 says:

    Love how he thinks America is leading the way lol

  21. Hi Jehu Garcia,

    you inspire me and I've become a fan. I'm an electrician from Australia and I'm entertained and impressed by all your youtube output. Keep it up and let me know how we can be patrons.

  22. I want one of thos battery things and the pannel

  23. Ratha ZAV says:

    ohh ohh ohh Oreilly's! Auto Parts!

  24. Chris Given says:

    What batteries are those?

  25. Please, add the information where you can find the components?

  26. IBUILTTHAT says:

    "Environment….that's just a side thing….a by product of a by product."

    That's real engineering. Efficiency first, environment should always be a by product, never the primary intention. Otherwise you end up with a system that doesn't help anyone. Forget biodegradable plastic, go with PETG or another durable food-grade plastic.

  27. I wish you could come to my house and install a battery pack to my solar system. I would be curious how much it would cost.

  28. lethis196 says:

    You need to do a follow up video about the end portion and if you were to make and sell those domestically id take ten like right now. (talking about the light…. ooo heres an idea make and sell them and for every one sold, one is donated over in a country where electricity isnt a mainstay.)

  29. lethis196 says:

    micro grids are a thing

  30. WoodsWerks says:

    Can this pack be built into the frame of the solar panel?

  31. Alex C says:

    You talk about people having power packs in this facility, implying it's not just one company. What is the facility?

  32. Peter Rissel says:

    That is amazing, many of our people cook on Kerosene, wood and coal. besides the cost it is crazy unhealthy. Will you guys be interested in shipping a couple of 1000 of these 25W panels to Africa? I have already put out feelers for used laptop batteries

  33. Kiying So says:

    I am living in Cambodia. I am really happy that you help my country. Thank You for ur kindness.

  34. 120*angles says:

    What is the brother in the hats name? Thanks for the video! recycling for the win!

  35. Can anyone get that drink off the got damn battery pack

  36. wow! really great work! very impressive!

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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